See Ya Later Summer…


The last bank holiday of the summer has been and gone now, sad sad times!!

To say goodbye to the summer (even though it seems like the summer is only just beginning with the weather we’re having!!) I went away to Winchester (ish) with my boyfriend and his family.

IMG_0903 IMG_0897

We stayed in a lovely little lodge in Blackwood Forest where we could go for little walks and cycles and just spend some time relaxing away from our worries for the weekend!!
Whilst we were there we visited Bournemouth and also tackled Go Ape – corr my arms were aching the next day I tell ya.

IMG_0874 IMG_0876 IMG_0906

I didn’t take a single picture whilst we were there so I have nothing to show for it but it will be one for the mind to remember!
I decided I just wanted to see the weekend with my eyes for once and not through a camera!!

IMG_0893 IMG_0904 IMG_0880

I did however take a few pictures of my outfit that I wore the day we went – I say I took a few, I took bloody looooads!!
It was such a warm lovely day (more like it was really hot and sticky and not a day you reeeeally want to spend in the car but who am I to moan about nice weather) so I wore this very summery number!

IMG_0907 IMG_0905 IMG_0879 IMG_0877

Hat – New Era
Jacket – Zara
Top – H&M
Shorts – River Island
Flip Flops – Primark
Bag – Kate Spade
Sunglasses – H&M


Well I guess it’s see ya later Summer and hellooo Winter which means one thing and one thing only… Christmas!!!!
Is it okay to be excited for Christmas now?! No? Oh okay…..

I do hope though that this nice weather continues just for a little bit longer please and especially over the weekends – ain’t no point it being sunny outside when I’m sat in an office now is there?!?!

Speak soon!!!

Alice xo

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  • I have the exact same thing.. once fall is kicking in I can only think of shopping new collections and looking forward to Christmas!
    Love the yellow jacket, it’s perfect! xx Josine – theBiggerBlog

    • Haha it’s just instinct isn’t it!!
      Thank you my lovely, I’m so in love with it!! Definitely going to wear it to death!!! xx