Let’s Tie The Knot!

How was your Christmas?! I hope it was fantaaaaabulous!!

Technically, I can’t comment on my Christmas yet, as I’m writing this two days before Christmas, cheeeeeky aye.

Ha! Did I trick you with the title of the post?! I’m not reeeaaally getting married. I was just referencing my top muhahaha, sorry kidsss!!

Would you look at that, another #OOTD post coming at yaaaa, that’s two in the past week oioi!!

This was actually shot probably a month or so ago, it’s taken me that long to post it, woooooppppss!!

I’ve become so bad at blogging, which makes me so sad, I really do need to get back into it.

As I mentioned in my #OOTD post last week, I just loooove me a pair of ripped jeans and these are no exception.

They are a little tooooo ripped for the colder weather, as jeans aren’t exactly the warmest of clothes and putting that amount of rips in them, makes them veerrry chilly!!

Nevertheless, I’ll still probably brave the cold and wear them anyway, plus!! wearing my OTK boots makes them a little warmer anyway!

Outfit Details:-

Coat – Zara
Top – Zara
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Stuart Weitzman/Russell & Bromley
Handbag – Mulberry

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