January Favourites

Let’s start with the classic opening line, come on, let’s all say it together, one, two, three… ‘I can’t believe January is almost over!’.
But genuinely, I cannot believe it!
It does not feel like it has been over a month from Christmas but sadly it has!
Obviously as it’s the end of the month it’s time for me to hit you with a monthly favourites, which, I’m going to aim to do every month as I love reading them myself.

First things first (I’m the realest), is this absolutely gorgeous pair of boots, which you may have seen in my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post, as I received them from my amazing dad!
The boots are Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley and they are the best boots I have ever found.
Originally, asked for the just under the knee boots as when I first tried the two pairs on, I preferred the look of the under the knee. However when they were delivered and I tried them on I decided I wanted a bit more length to them so returned them and got the over the knee ones, and I couldn’t be happier!
These are the only pair of knee high boots that I have tried on that don’t look stupid on me. Every other pair I’ve tried on in the past year of hunting have never fit quite right around my calves, they’ve always been too baggy, however these just fit so perfectly and snug!
These are of course on the pricier side – which is why I asked for them for Christmas and didn’t purchase them myself – however, I would most definitely recommend them.
They come in a couple of different lengths and heel sizes so you really can find the perfect pair for you!


Moving onto something I actually bought myself this month is this Nike Tech Fleece jacket.
I keep going to call it a hoody but it’s not got a hood, it’s just got a high neck, which is actually really nice as you can wear it up and around your neck if your cold, or fold it down if you don’t feel like having it up.
I struggled to take a good picture of this so apologies, but it has a long zip on the front on the left hand side, two front pockets, thumb holes and a longer back.
I picked this up at Freeport, which is a designer outlet local to me, for £50. Although this is still expensive, it had been reduced down from over £100!
I love this jacket as it is actually quite versatile, you can wear it for the obvious, going to the gym, but you can also wear it out over a pair of jeans for a casual look. It is also very warm so makes for a great layering piece.
I would definitely recommend the Tech Fleece line at Nike, in fact, I’d like to purchase myself some workout pants from the line.

Onto another thing that was a Christmas present.
My lovely mum bought me this huge scarf from Accessorize as I’d been hinting to her for ages about how I wanted a nice big cosy scarf for the winter.
This one is a mixture of black, beige and white and it is so huge and cosy, I could use it as a blanket!
I’ve worn this almost everyday this month and it keeps me so warm.
I definitely need to find myself another big cosy scarf so I don’t wear this one out!


Oh, look, another thing that I got for Christmas from my wonderful mum!
I couldn’t not include my lovely Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams calendar.
I absolutely love it and I love his art, I’ve even got it as the back ground to literally every device I own, my Macbook, my work computer, my iPhone, my iPad, I just adore his art!
I can’t believe I haven’t had one of these calendars sooner, I will definitely be purchasing one of these every year for as long as is possible.
I love waking up in the morning and seeing the art hanging on my wall, it honestly, makes me feel so happy.


This next thing I did also include in my What I Got For Christmas post, but I actually bought it myself as a Christmas present to myself, haha, got to treat yourself sometimes!
This is honestly the most amazing thing for a blogger that I’ve ever come across.
It’s called The Bloggers Planner  and I got a 2016 edition.
The company is also called The Bloggers Planner and they do quite a big collection of different kinds of planners, notebooks and prints.
You can also get it personalised, which you can see I did here, which I think really just makes it all the more special!
It’s got a normal 2016 diary in it, with a week to a page, then it also has little blogger touches added in.
For example, there is a section at the end of every month where you write down all your favourites and things you’ve purchased, after each week in the diary, there is a section to write down the blog posts you’re going to post that week, as well as little illustrations to keep you motivated.
I would most definitely recommend this to all bloggers out there!

IMG_3176 IMG_3174

Last ‘physical’ thing I’ve been loving this month is this gold, glittery, iPhone 5s case.
My sister actually gave this to me as she recently got an upgrade and saw that I had no case on my phone and said that I had to get a case on it right away!
Funnily enough, I’d already been eyeing this case up in Sainsbury’s for a little while, so I’ve now managed to get it woo!


Now onto my favourite things that aren’t products!

First, my favourite day this year is actually three days!
The first would be Monday 11th as I booked my first ever girls holiday with my group of friends for the summer and I also booked Amsterdam for a weekend in April with my niece (she’s eleven days older than me), so it was a very exciting day!
Onto two more days that were very exciting, the 13th and 14th of this month, because two of my sisters had babies a day apart! So I now have two more nieces to add to my ever growing family – it’s huge!

My favourite thing to watch on the TV (well Netflix) this month has been both Sherlock and Luther.
My boyfriend told me I just had to watch Sherlock as it was amazing, so I did and he was not wrong, I couldn’t watch it quick enough! I’m now officially a huge Sherlock fan and I cannot wait for the new series to come out.
I would most definitely recommend watching Sherlock, even if you don’t feel like it’s your thing, which is what I thought before I watched it.

Then it was my turn to tell my boyfriend to watch something and that was Luther.
I watched the last episode of the first series with my sister at the beginning of the month and once I’d finished Sherlock, I told George we just had to watch Luther, as it was so good!
Again, we could not watch Luther quick enough, it’s so gripping and finishes on a cliffhanger most episodes so almost forces you to watch the next one, so many episodes had me on the edge of my seat, almost scared.
It’s about a slightly dirty DCI called Luther who solves crimes and often gets himself in and out of twists.
Unfortunately, we didn’t watch it soon enough to catch the most recent series on BBC iPlayer, so we have a long wait for it to get on Netflix.
Again, I would definitely recommend watching Luther.

Lastly, would be my favourite Youtuber of the month.
This month there are two ladies who distinctly stick out to me.
The first is Em Sheldon who I have followed on Instagram for a while but never really watched her videos until this month.
She comes across as such a lovely, down to earth girl, who I find really easy to watch and relate to. She speaks a lot about health and fitness, which as you know is something I’m very interested in, so I love watching those types of videos especially.
She also writes a blog if you’re interested in reading it, here.

The other lady is Carly Rowena, who again I followed on Instagram before I started watching her videos this month.
I honestly do not know how I didn’t watch her videos before!
She’s a really funny, real and relatable girl who I genuinely really enjoy watching.
Similarily to Em Sheldon, she is also into her health and fitness, as she’s a PT, so I love watching her and getting inspired and motivated to make myself a healthier and fitter person.
She also has a blog which you can find, here.

That’s it for my January favourites!
What have you been loving this month?

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  • Like your boots, cute phone case 🙂
    Maria V.

  • So jealous of that Disney calendar! I saw it and I really wanted it but I already have a calendar 🙁 That blogger planner is also a really good idea too! I think I’m gonna get one next year!

    • Ahh, maybe next year!
      It is so good! Definitely get one next year!!

  • Emily

    Ahh you are a girl after my own heart – I am a big fan of Sherlock and Luther is simply brilliant. I was gutted there was only two episodes in the last series! Also, a blogger planner? How have I never heard of this!

    Musings & More

    • Hahah, it is so good isn’t it!! Can’t believe we were too late to catch the last series on BBC iPlayer, so annoying!!
      Ohh it’s brilliant! I’d definitely recommend x