Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Remember me?! It’s been a little (okay a long!) while since I’ve blogged!
I’m not going to start listing off bullsh*t excuses because the truth is I just didn’t feel like it and so I didn’t – that’s it!

However, I am now back and in the mood ready to blog again – woohoooo.

Today I just thought I’d say heeeeyyy and give you a little life update!

Not a lot has really happened to be honest!
I was a bridesmaid for my sister in the middle of July – I absolutely looooved my dress, which you can see below with my gorgeoooous boyfriend. 13728909_10208422734342397_7506442328125759635_n

After that, at the end of July, I went on holiday with my gal pals for a week to the classy destination of Magalufffff!!
I had soo much fun, I love my girls and cannot wait to hopefully go back again next year, fingers crossed. 13680961_10208560125617093_6293957080968281230_n 13938536_10208560179298435_5102631737641494275_n

Other than that I’ve just been working, working, working – but who am I to complain?!
Gotta work hard to play hard aye!!!

I’m going to try and make a bigger effort with my blog from now.
I do find it hard as my room at home is so shi*t for taking photos in (I’m waiting to do it up) and it leaves me feeling really uninspired!!
But I will try and at least put something out regularly, hopefully once a week, at least.

That’s all for my little update – speak soon x

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Life Update: Blogging Breaks & New Banners


Let’s start with a little apology…

I must apologise for the fact that I have not blogged for nearly a month.
I could give you lots of different excuses such as, ‘I didn’t have time’ or that I was ‘too busy’, but the truth is I just didn’t want to.

I didn’t feel inspired or motivated to blog.
Sometimes I go through these little phases and as annoying as it is for me, I just have to take some time to myself, to get my ass back in gear and get more motivated to blog.
I don’t know why I get unmotivated but sometimes I just fall out of love with blogging and need that break/

One thing that is motivating me to blog again is the fact that the amazing Jemma who blogs at Dork Face designed me this amazing header.
I am so so in love with it as it shows little details of the things I love!
I honestly could not recommend Jemma’s services enough!
She was so helpful and managed to create the exact thing I was looking for and I didn’t even know what I was looking for to begin with.
If you have a moment then please do check out Jemma’s blog.
She isn’t just a blogger, she also a full time illustrator, runs #TheGirlGang and sells cute little bits on Etsy!
She really is an awesome lady and deserves twice the attention she already gets!

Anyway, thanks to Jemma I am finally feeling a little more motivated to blog!
I am also thinking of purchasing a new theme because I am little sick of my current theme.
So keep your eye’s peeled for a new look to In The Eye Of This!

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Even when I’m not blogging I am more often than not still posting on there!


Happy New Year All!


Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
As you can see I took a slight break over the Christmas/New Year period but I am back and ready to start posting again.

I thought today I’d tell you my resolutions for this coming year.

Stop biting my nails! 
This has been on my list of resolutions for as long as I can remember, I just can’t seem to stop doing it, but I am going to try extremely hard to stop, especially as I’m 19 this year!

Try harder with my blog!
I don’t think I put enough effort into my blog last year, however, this year I am determined to work harder on my blog and see it grow, hopefully…

Be fit & healthy!
I must admit, I’m quite good at going to the gym once I’m in a routine, probably due to the fact I genuinely really enjoy it. However, I am so not good at sticking to eating well, but I am so determined to stick to a healthy diet this year (I use the word diet loosely as I don’t mean I’m dieting), and to improve my strength.

Be more organised!
I am so guilty of not being the most organised person.
It’s actually quite weird, I’m organised in the sense I always like to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it, however, if you tell me to do something, I will genuinely forget within ten minutes!
So, I need to get more into the habit of writing things down and not forgetting to do things!

Be more chilled!
This is quite a personal one but I thought I may as well tell you anyway.
I’m not the most chilled person, I’m hot headed and get angry quickly, especially at the people I love the most, and believe it or not, it actually quite upsets me.
So one of my goals is to be more chilled and instead of reacting straight away and in an angry manner, I’m going to try and take time to think, before I react.

Be more confident!
I really am not a very confident person, in the sense, I find it difficult to meet new people and speak to them without feeling like the world is going to crumble at my feet and I’m going to embarrass myself.
I know this is not a very good trait to have (it all comes down to my anxiety) but I am extremely determined to work on this and try to become a more confident person.

Be happy!
Last one, but this is a given, I want to take every day as it comes and not constantly worry about the future and if’s and but’s.

That’s it for my New Year Post!
I hope you enjoyed reading what my goals are for this coming year.
What are you aiming to achieve this year?

New Blog!



You may know me from my previous blog which was I recently decided to completely change my blog, buy my own domain and start from scratch.

I will still be writing about the same topics: Fashion, Beauty and Life, so you can expect to see lots of that on here!

It may take me a while to get back into the flow of blogging as I’ve had a very long break which was well needed.

Now though, I am back and ready to get much more involved in blog writing!

Enjoy x