A rare outing for InTheEyeOfThis..

Yet again I’ve been a craaaap blogger, sorry!! But for once… I have a genuine reason!!


Oh, if you hadn’t noticed, I slightly changed my blog header, oioi!

So at the end of September I started university! I’m studying Business Management and Finance Part Time whilst working for my fathers company. Being part time means I will studying for five years, yep, you heard it, F I V E years!! But hey ho, I don’t really mind because I’m doing it to benefit my future, so that’s just the way I look at it.

Starting uni has meant a lot of work all at once and I’m still getting used to the amount of work as well as the independence. It really is up to you to do your assignments as the lecturers don’t push you to do so. In fact right now I should really be writing my assignment that’s due in two weeks, wooooops!!!

Other than uni I must say, as usual, I haven’t really done too much with my life. Partly due to the fact that my time is taken up by work, uni and GYM so when it comes to the weekend I honestly just feel knackered, or will be making my meals for the week, sooo fun right?!


I did however have one exciting day last Wednesday, when my niece and I (see above, she’s 11 days older than me, I have older sisters, etc. etc.), went to see the faaamous JUSTIN BIEBER at the O2!! Courtesy of my lovely boyfriend who bought me the tickets for Christmas.

I must admit, before going to see JB, I wasn’t a huuuge fan, I did like him and when his Purpose album came out at the end of last year, I listened to it on repeat – which I think is why my boyfriend bought the tickets. However, leading up to it, I wasn’t massively excited, BUT let me tell you!! I am SUCH a Belieber now, he was honestly amaaaaazing and he was sooo sweet, I’m just in love with him now.


As you can see we quittteeee far away from the stage, which I was bit bummed about when we first sat down, but it really was not a bad thing at all once it had started! He had the whole crowd going and it wasn’t hard at all to see once it was all going on. Unfortunately though it did mean I couldn’t get a good picture of him.


Obvssss we had to grab something to eat before we went to our seats and Kelsie (my niece) was nice enough to let me win and we had Zizzi’s. I was craaaaving an Italian sooo bad so I was so excited to have Zizzi’s. We started with this dreaaamy bread pieces and cheese. It’s making me hungry thinking about it, mmmm.

img_4152 img_4153

Then obviously it was time for PASTA. This was sooo goood, as you can see I drowned it in cheese, the only way right?! Give me all the cheeeeeese. It was a red pesto, chicken and pepper pasta, yuuuuummmmy.


Then it came to my favourite part of a meal, dessert. I have THE biggest sweet tooth and believe me there is aaaalwaaays room for dessert!! Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy this and I was actually very upset about this fact. It was supposed to be a salted caramel brownie, but it tasted of just waaaay to much chocolate, as you can see it was covered in milllions of chocolate flakes. I love chocolate, I’m an actual chocoholic but even for me it was too much, and the worst part was, IT DIDN’T TASTE OF SALTED CARAMEL?! Like at all!!


I must admit I luuuuuvvvved my outfit that I wore!! I was finalllly able to crack out my knee high boots that have been in hiding since spring came about and I just love them so much, you can guarantee I’ll be in them all winter. I wore them with some ripped jeans, a white blouse, my beautiful yellow (fake) leather jacket, my huuuuuge blanket scarf and my little black cross body bag. I felt sooo cosy and was looovely to wear when we left the O2 when he finished.

That’s all for my little update on my lifeee, I really do apologise that I don’t blog enough, I need to get myself into a routine really!! Outfit details below!

Boots – Russell & Bromley/Stuart Weitzman
Jeans – Topshop
Shirt & Bag – River Island
Jacket & Scarf – Zara

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Instagram Lately

Today I thought I’d do a little Instagram round up of photos I’ve shared over the past week!
I feel like you can’t always write really long captions on Instagram so you don’t always get the back story behind a photo.img_3980

  1. I was feeling mysellllfff. I wanted a new profile picture for my social media accounts (check it ooout) and this was the winner!!
  2. Over the weekend I bought a new foundation, the Urban Decay Naked Skin, because I had reeeeally gone off my current Estee Lauder foundation! I haven’t tried it yet but I will do a review when I’ve been wearing it for a while.
  3. What do you do when your boyfriend is taking agesss in the changing rooms? Take an #OOTD picture of course! I had on a white, flowery River Island shirt with khaki Topshop jeans, gold Sainsburys espadrilles and tan Modalu handbag.
  4. A quick #FWIS picture, showing what I was wearing that day, which is rather embarrassingly almost the same outfit, whoooops! This time I had on a white blouse, also from River Island, the same khaki Topshop jeans and my beige Russell & Bromley loafers.


5. Obviously I had to post a picture of my purchase from my lovely friends Etsy! Lizi sells the loveliest Disney pieces so you should definitely check out her shop if you like Disney!! Of course I purchased Peter Pan themed items, because if you didn’t know, Peter Pan is my favourite Disney movie. I got this lovely framed heart cut out of pictures from the Peter Pan book and a ‘Neverland’ themed tube station postcard. Lizi also blogs which you can find here.

6. Another #OOTD that I wore to work one day last week. It was a slightly chillier morning so I put on one of my favourite jumper cardigans, it’s sooooo comfy, over a white short sleeved shirt and black jeans.

7. A simple picture but it says a lot. I like to live by this mantra. Always work hard and always stay humble. Simples!

8. Lastly, I picked up this cuuuuttttteee plaque from Primark, bargain at £2.50!!! One of my favourite Walt Disney quotes so of course I couldn’t resist it.

That’s all for my Instagram Catch Up, no doubt I’ll do another one in the future, so keep your eyes peeeeeled!!

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Wish Wish Wishing!!

I am alllllways wishing for some new clothes or shoes or bags (so materialistic I know – not really I’m being light hearted plssss) and today is no exception!!
I’ve been forcing myself to be a bit more restrained when it comes to shopping because WOW did I spend a lot off dollar over the summer!
Sad thing is I’m usually SO good at saving but this summer I was just feeling suuuper spendy, woops!!


Spending or saving aside, a girl can still dream right???
Obviously as it is slowly changing weather it is now acceptable to start thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, woo.
So of course as usual I’ve been tralling through the internet seeing what I might want for the coming season – note to self, you cannot buy everything you see Alice!
I have picked out a fair few things and thought I’d show you just want I’m currently wanting.
Perhaps it will give you some A/W inspirtation!

H&M Long Black Cardigan

I actually tried this cardigan on the other day and I loved but didn’t feel like I needed to buy it when I first tried it on.
However, I was wrong and yeah, I neeeeed it!!
It would be perfect for me for work as it would be so easy to throw on for work.


H&M Grey Chunky Jumper

Give me alllll the chunky jumpers pleeeeease!!!
I basically spend the whole winter in jumpers they’re just sooo comfy and I am in love with this one!!


River Island Black Badge Jeans

Are these not the edgiest jeans you’ve seen?! Okay probably not but this is edgy for me looool.
I love clothes with badges on them at the moment as I really like the casualness of them.
I am all about a casual laid back outfit.


River Island Light Pink Tie Dress

This is the complete opposite to the jeans above and I don’t actually know what quite drew me to this dress!!
I just think it is sooo pretty and I have really been liking pinks a lot more recently.


River Island Khaki Lace Faux Suede Skirt

Another dressier piece is this skirt which I loooove.
I think this shape of skirt would be really flattering on me as it would sinch in my small waist!


River Island Grey Faux Fur Boots

You can neeever go wrong with a pair of boots in the winter – especially not faux fur lined boots!!!
I absolutely love these boots and they would be such a nice addition to my wardrobe.


River Island Crazy Print Dress

Again, I’m not sure what actually drew me this dress, perhaps the crazy print on it.
I can just picture this being a lovely piece in the Autumn/Winter with my knee high boots and a nice leather jacket!! Whether for work or for free time wearing.


River Island Cream Faux Fur Jacket

Okay so, I’ve literally wanted this jacket since last year!!
In fact, you could probably find this in a past wish list I’ve done, hahah.
I am just seriously in love with this jacket and I’m thinking, that seeing as I’ve wanted this for like a year, then surely that’s a good enough excuse right?!


Bershka Grey Shirt Jumper

This is quite a simple piece but it is so versatile which I always love in a piece of clothing.
I could wear this for both work and home, dressing it up and down, meaning I’d really get my wear out of it!!


Bershka Grey Mickey Jumper

Of course I couldn’t do a wish list an not include something Disney!! Well in fact I’ve included TWO things Disney!
This is another thing I tried on the other day and I loooved it and honestly do not know why I didn’t buy it then and there…
I reallllly want this for the A/W, even if it’s just to lounge around in!!


 Bershka Grey Mickey Top

The other Disney thing I am loving is this cuuuute Mickey Mouse top!
It looks so comfy and of course it’s Disney so of course I love it!!


Bershka White Ruffle Top

Something a little dressier is this b-e-a-uuuu-tiful white ruffle top.
I have seen these types of tops all over the place at the moment and I really want one for myself now!!


Bershka Black Boots

Another pair of boots but they’re a different colour so it’s okay right??
Again, I tried these on the other day and I would have got them had they actually been in my size.
I love these as I think they’re classy and smart but it would also be so easy to wear it with a casual outfit – it would even dress it up a bit!!


Zara Black Leather Jacket
I am desperate for a black leather jacket.
I already have a gorgeous one from Zara last year however it has a peplum bottom and I do not feel that it always goes with things.
So, I’m on the hunt for THE perfecttttt black leather jacket!!!
Preferably an All Saints one but you know… A girl can dreeeeam…

Zara Blue Faux Leather Jacket
Lastly, I already have the yellow version of this jacket which you might have seen in my recent post here and I am dyyyyyying to purchase this blue one. Isn’t it just gorgeooooouuuss?!


As you can see, my style is a huuuuge mismatch!
I guess I don’t really have a certain ‘style’, I tend to just go for pieces that I like, which can range from a really nice dressy dress to the most casual hoody.
I like the most random of things and I love it to be honest because it means I’m always wearing different things – although technically I just wear jeans all the time with different style tops looool.

That’s all for my wishlist!!

Speak soon xo

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Even when I’m not blogging I am more often than not still posting on there!

See Ya Later Summer…


The last bank holiday of the summer has been and gone now, sad sad times!!

To say goodbye to the summer (even though it seems like the summer is only just beginning with the weather we’re having!!) I went away to Winchester (ish) with my boyfriend and his family.

IMG_0903 IMG_0897

We stayed in a lovely little lodge in Blackwood Forest where we could go for little walks and cycles and just spend some time relaxing away from our worries for the weekend!!
Whilst we were there we visited Bournemouth and also tackled Go Ape – corr my arms were aching the next day I tell ya.

IMG_0874 IMG_0876 IMG_0906

I didn’t take a single picture whilst we were there so I have nothing to show for it but it will be one for the mind to remember!
I decided I just wanted to see the weekend with my eyes for once and not through a camera!!

IMG_0893 IMG_0904 IMG_0880

I did however take a few pictures of my outfit that I wore the day we went – I say I took a few, I took bloody looooads!!
It was such a warm lovely day (more like it was really hot and sticky and not a day you reeeeally want to spend in the car but who am I to moan about nice weather) so I wore this very summery number!

IMG_0907 IMG_0905 IMG_0879 IMG_0877

Hat – New Era
Jacket – Zara
Top – H&M
Shorts – River Island
Flip Flops – Primark
Bag – Kate Spade
Sunglasses – H&M


Well I guess it’s see ya later Summer and hellooo Winter which means one thing and one thing only… Christmas!!!!
Is it okay to be excited for Christmas now?! No? Oh okay…..

I do hope though that this nice weather continues just for a little bit longer please and especially over the weekends – ain’t no point it being sunny outside when I’m sat in an office now is there?!?!

Speak soon!!!

Alice xo

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Even when I’m not blogging I am more often than not still posting on there!

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Remember me?! It’s been a little (okay a long!) while since I’ve blogged!
I’m not going to start listing off bullsh*t excuses because the truth is I just didn’t feel like it and so I didn’t – that’s it!

However, I am now back and in the mood ready to blog again – woohoooo.

Today I just thought I’d say heeeeyyy and give you a little life update!

Not a lot has really happened to be honest!
I was a bridesmaid for my sister in the middle of July – I absolutely looooved my dress, which you can see below with my gorgeoooous boyfriend. 13728909_10208422734342397_7506442328125759635_n

After that, at the end of July, I went on holiday with my gal pals for a week to the classy destination of Magalufffff!!
I had soo much fun, I love my girls and cannot wait to hopefully go back again next year, fingers crossed. 13680961_10208560125617093_6293957080968281230_n 13938536_10208560179298435_5102631737641494275_n

Other than that I’ve just been working, working, working – but who am I to complain?!
Gotta work hard to play hard aye!!!

I’m going to try and make a bigger effort with my blog from now.
I do find it hard as my room at home is so shi*t for taking photos in (I’m waiting to do it up) and it leaves me feeling really uninspired!!
But I will try and at least put something out regularly, hopefully once a week, at least.

That’s all for my little update – speak soon x

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Even when I’m not blogging I am more often than not still posting on there!