A rare outing for InTheEyeOfThis..

Yet again I’ve been a craaaap blogger, sorry!! But for once… I have a genuine reason!!


Oh, if you hadn’t noticed, I slightly changed my blog header, oioi!

So at the end of September I started university! I’m studying Business Management and Finance Part Time whilst working for my fathers company. Being part time means I will studying for five years, yep, you heard it, F I V E years!! But hey ho, I don’t really mind because I’m doing it to benefit my future, so that’s just the way I look at it.

Starting uni has meant a lot of work all at once and I’m still getting used to the amount of work as well as the independence. It really is up to you to do your assignments as the lecturers don’t push you to do so. In fact right now I should really be writing my assignment that’s due in two weeks, wooooops!!!

Other than uni I must say, as usual, I haven’t really done too much with my life. Partly due to the fact that my time is taken up by work, uni and GYM so when it comes to the weekend I honestly just feel knackered, or will be making my meals for the week, sooo fun right?!


I did however have one exciting day last Wednesday, when my niece and I (see above, she’s 11 days older than me, I have older sisters, etc. etc.), went to see the faaamous JUSTIN BIEBER at the O2!! Courtesy of my lovely boyfriend who bought me the tickets for Christmas.

I must admit, before going to see JB, I wasn’t a huuuge fan, I did like him and when his Purpose album came out at the end of last year, I listened to it on repeat – which I think is why my boyfriend bought the tickets. However, leading up to it, I wasn’t massively excited, BUT let me tell you!! I am SUCH a Belieber now, he was honestly amaaaaazing and he was sooo sweet, I’m just in love with him now.


As you can see we quittteeee far away from the stage, which I was bit bummed about when we first sat down, but it really was not a bad thing at all once it had started! He had the whole crowd going and it wasn’t hard at all to see once it was all going on. Unfortunately though it did mean I couldn’t get a good picture of him.


Obvssss we had to grab something to eat before we went to our seats and Kelsie (my niece) was nice enough to let me win and we had Zizzi’s. I was craaaaving an Italian sooo bad so I was so excited to have Zizzi’s. We started with this dreaaamy bread pieces and cheese. It’s making me hungry thinking about it, mmmm.

img_4152 img_4153

Then obviously it was time for PASTA. This was sooo goood, as you can see I drowned it in cheese, the only way right?! Give me all the cheeeeeese. It was a red pesto, chicken and pepper pasta, yuuuuummmmy.


Then it came to my favourite part of a meal, dessert. I have THE biggest sweet tooth and believe me there is aaaalwaaays room for dessert!! Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy this and I was actually very upset about this fact. It was supposed to be a salted caramel brownie, but it tasted of just waaaay to much chocolate, as you can see it was covered in milllions of chocolate flakes. I love chocolate, I’m an actual chocoholic but even for me it was too much, and the worst part was, IT DIDN’T TASTE OF SALTED CARAMEL?! Like at all!!


I must admit I luuuuuvvvved my outfit that I wore!! I was finalllly able to crack out my knee high boots that have been in hiding since spring came about and I just love them so much, you can guarantee I’ll be in them all winter. I wore them with some ripped jeans, a white blouse, my beautiful yellow (fake) leather jacket, my huuuuuge blanket scarf and my little black cross body bag. I felt sooo cosy and was looovely to wear when we left the O2 when he finished.

That’s all for my little update on my lifeee, I really do apologise that I don’t blog enough, I need to get myself into a routine really!! Outfit details below!

Boots – Russell & Bromley/Stuart Weitzman
Jeans – Topshop
Shirt & Bag – River Island
Jacket & Scarf – Zara

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  • SquibbVicious

    Best of luck at uni 🙂 It’s so worth all of the hard work.
    Also, JB is amazing life isn’t he?! We drove to Birmingham from Essex to see him!!
    Loving the new header too!

    Squibb Vicious

    • I’m so sorry, I’ve only just seen this!!
      Thank you, I’m really hoping it is!
      He really is!! Birmingham?! London from Essex was far enough ahah!!
      Thank you 🙂 x