Tie Dye Workout

Let me just start by saying I was absolutely freeeeeezing taking these photos!!! AND windy, eurgh I hate it when it’s windy!

I feel like my overly grinning face gives an idea of how cold it was and how I was trying to over compensate for it…

I love me some gym and with gym comes sweeeeet gymwear!

I have been going to the gym for a long time now (about the past 4-5 years) and have always been reluctant to buy new workout clothes. I’m not really sure why if I’m honest, I just never really liked spending money on it, buuuut that’s changed!!

I just keep buying new workout wear recently and I can’t help it, whoooops!!

^^^LOLLL^^^ at my face!!

This matching set is from a brand called South Beach on Asos.

Here you can find the top and and here you can find the bottoms.

I am contemplating posting about my workouts – so keep an eye out for that!

I would also like to start posting more about what I eat on a day to day basis – which is something that I find really interesting to read myself on other peoples blogs.

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