Making a Statement with Understated Jewellery | Gemporia*

Today’s post is a little different as it is about jewellery.
I don’t tend to post about jewellery because I wear the same three pieces everyday, my watch, necklace and bracelet.
When Sam from Gemporia first contacted me about a collaboration on my blog with themselves I had a look at their website and couldn’t help but say yes straight away!
They have the most beautiful pieces on their website, all in a range or styles and prices, so there is something for everyone.


Sam told me I could pick out a piece from their collection and this Aqua pendant immediately caught my eye.
It’s always been one of my favourite colours and I knew this was the necklace I wanted to talk about on my blog.

IMG_0658 IMG_0630

I love how I can wear this with the simplest of outfits such as this black jumper and it makes a statement whilst being an understated piece of jewellery.

I will definitely be wearing this necklace often when I’m not wearing my silver Tiffany necklace.
It’s such a beautiful and simple piece that complements any simple outfit and is wearable with anything.

IMG_0654 IMG_0648 IMG_0645 IMG_0647 IMG_0628 IMG_0676

I would definitely recommend that you check out the Gemporia website and see all the beautiful pieces they are currently selling.
Also, let me know if you buy anything from them, I would love to see what you purchase!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this most beautiful piece of jewellery from the wonderful Gemporia.
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Even when I’m not blogging I am more often than not still posting on there!

Life Update: Blogging Breaks & New Banners


Let’s start with a little apology…

I must apologise for the fact that I have not blogged for nearly a month.
I could give you lots of different excuses such as, ‘I didn’t have time’ or that I was ‘too busy’, but the truth is I just didn’t want to.

I didn’t feel inspired or motivated to blog.
Sometimes I go through these little phases and as annoying as it is for me, I just have to take some time to myself, to get my ass back in gear and get more motivated to blog.
I don’t know why I get unmotivated but sometimes I just fall out of love with blogging and need that break/

One thing that is motivating me to blog again is the fact that the amazing Jemma who blogs at Dork Face designed me this amazing header.
I am so so in love with it as it shows little details of the things I love!
I honestly could not recommend Jemma’s services enough!
She was so helpful and managed to create the exact thing I was looking for and I didn’t even know what I was looking for to begin with.
If you have a moment then please do check out Jemma’s blog.
She isn’t just a blogger, she also a full time illustrator, runs #TheGirlGang and sells cute little bits on Etsy!
She really is an awesome lady and deserves twice the attention she already gets!

Anyway, thanks to Jemma I am finally feeling a little more motivated to blog!
I am also thinking of purchasing a new theme because I am little sick of my current theme.
So keep your eye’s peeled for a new look to In The Eye Of This!

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Even when I’m not blogging I am more often than not still posting on there!