Wednesday Wants | Week 5

I have another Wednesday Wants today!
Not as big as they’ve been in the past but still enough!


Limited Edition Marine Allure GHD V
The first thing I would really love this week are these gorgeous GHD straighteners.
I’ve been saying that I’d like to get some new straighteners for about the past year now, honestly, they’re just something that I haven’t wanted to spend the money on yet.
Plus, mine haven’t completely broken yet, they’re just not as amazing as they were when I first got them.
I’ve seen a few bloggers have got these straighteners in different colours and when I saw this blue colour I fell in love.
They’re quite expensive so I don’t know if I’ll purchase them or not but I am definitley wishing for them.

Blue River Island Dress
I then saw this lovely dress on River Island.
I already have a dress in the same style from River Island last summer, which I bought just before my trip to Barcelona, which you can read about and see me wearing the dress here.
I loved wearing that dress all last summer as I think the style of dress is very versatile, it can be worn both casually or more dressed up, it’s a very flattering shape and you look like you’ve put a bit of effort into your outfit when really, you’ve just thrown a shirt dress on haha.
I definitely want to get this dress as I think the colours are gorgeous and I already know I love the style of it.

Cream River Island Trench Coat
Another item from River Island is this gorgeous cream trench coat.
I adore the trench coat trend, it is right up my street and fits in well with my style, so I was immediately drawn to this coat.
The thing I really like about it is the fact that it is quite a light coat, making it the perfect jacket for Spring/Summer, especially those days where it’s slightly colder in the morning then warms up.
This is something I definitely want to get at some point.

Alice in Wonerland Slip On Vans
If you follow me on Twitter (which you should be! If not, why not?! You can follow me here!) you’ll probably have seen me talking about how much I want them but cannot find them anywhere in my size (women’s UK 6).
I’m so annoyed that I didn’t buy them when they first came out in my size because I cannot express how badly I want these shoes.
I’ve searched the internet high and low for a pair in my size to absolutely no avail, so if you happen to stumble over a pair of these in my size, then please let me know!
I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, for the pure fact that we share the same name, so when I saw these vans I wanted them instantly.
I genuinely think the pattern on them is gorgeous and could imagine styling them with a really plain outfit, using the shoes to jazz the outfit up!

Sparkley Addidas Originals
The last thing I’ve been wishing for this week is this gorgeous pair of Sparkly Addidas Originals.
I have a thing for anything sparkley, especially if they’re in shoe form, so I was instantly attracted to these.
I don’t know if I’d suit these Addidas, but I’d definitely be up for giving them a try, as I absolutely love them!

That’s it for this weeks Wednesday Wants!
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What I Got For My 19th Birthday

So the Sunday just gone (10th April) was my 19th birthday.
After asking on Twitter whether or not I should do a post on what I got for my birthday, the majority vote was yes, so here you go!
*Please note, I am not in any way bragging, people on Twitter agreed they wanted to read this*

The first present was from my Dad who got me this little Canon EOS M10 camera.
I’ve been after a little handheld camera for a while and after looking around at different cameras I decided on this one.
There were so many aspects about this camera that made it stand out to me and make me want to get it.
The first is that it has interchangeable lenses, that can be used with my Canon camera that I already have, the Canon EOS 600D.
It is also small enough to carry in my handbag but has the capabilities of a full size DSLR, you can send the photos you take straight to your phone, which means it’s great for taking high quality photos to upload to Instagram straight away and it has a touch screen.
Also the last good thing about it is that the screen flips up making it great for taking selfies, haha!


From my Mum I asked for some Zoeva make-up brushes, as if you have read any of my wishlist posts in the past, you’ll know how long I’ve been wishing for them!
She got me the whole Make Up Artist set which is amazing. It comes with 25 different brushes, for both the face and eyes, in a large 3 compartment bag which is big enough for my whole make up collection!
She also got me the large Zoeva clutch for when I’m travelling and need to take my brushes.

IMG_3341 IMG_3350 IMG_3353 IMG_3354 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3356 IMG_3355

She then got me this Disney themed frame with my name in it written in Disney letters.
This was such a lovely and sweet surprise, as of course, I love Disney and my name written in it is such a lovely touch.
She lastly got me a Soap and Glory gift set which had a body wash, body cream, body scrub and body spray in it, which all smells delicious!


One of my good friends Megan was really cute and got me lots of Disney themed presents which I loved!
I have a slight obsession with pyjamas so she hit the nail on the head getting me this cute Alice in Wonderland night top and Eeyore top and shorts which are both so comfortable.
She also got me some Princess themed sweets, Disney Princess Candy Canes and a Belle Pez, as well as gold Lindt bunny (which has already been eaten, woops!).
Lastly, she got me a really cute little Tigger phone case for my iPhone 5s, but unfortunately I upgraded to an iPhone 6s the day before my birthday! (Sorry Megan)

IMG_3338 IMG_3339 IMG_3340

Lastly, are my presents from my best friend Jenni.
I absolutely love all of them, they’re all a little bit of me which I love.
The first thing was, this delicious Red Raspberry Yankee Candle, which I have already started burning and it smells amazing.
The next was this super cute glass mug with an elephant on the front of it, as of course, elephants are my favourite animal. I love this mug and am currently sitting here drinking green tea out of it.

IMG_3331 IMG_3334 IMG_3335

The next two things were this photo frame and lunchbox.
I love having photos up around my bedroom so I was very happy when I opened this and found I had another frame to add to my current frames I have up.
It also has a really cute photo of Jenni and I in it, which is now 2 years old! We’ve barely changed haha.
The last thing was this really cute lunch box, which funnily enough, Jenni didn’t know but only a couple of days before my birthday I mentioned to my dad how I needed a lunchbox for work.
Now, voila! I don’t need to buy myself one woohoo!
IMG_3336 IMG_3337

I then got some money and gift cards from other members of my family and friends.
My boyfriend is taking me away somewhere for a surprise in May which I cannot wait for, so keep an eye out for a post on that!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for my 19th birthday!
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Exploring Amsterdam | Night Two

For my last instalment of my ‘Exploring Amsterdam’ posts I have Night Two of my trip.
You can find Day One here and Day Two here!
We really wanted to see the Red Light District at night as it’s something you just have to experience when you visit Amsterdam.
It was a really weird but interesting experience walking down this strip and seeing half naked girls standing in windows trying to attract men in – it’s definitely something you should just have a little look at if you ever go to Amsterdam.

 IMG_4342 IMG_4346 IMG_4347 IMG_4350 IMG_4353 IMG_4359 IMG_4361 IMG_4364 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4372 IMG_4374

Even with all the crudity (you could say) of the Red Light District, it looked really nice lit up at night, as well as other places in the city.
A lot of people told me before I went that they didn’t feel safe out after dark but I honestly felt very safe being out after dark!
There are so many people around that you’re never ‘alone’ meaning you never really feel scared.
I was most scared of walking down the Red Light District at night, thinking it would be full of loads of drunk men looking for one thing, but it was so full of tourists that it was actually very nice walking around at night.
It was busy and bustling but something about it also felt calm which was a lovely experience.

IMG_4379 IMG_4382

After this we walked back to the same restuarant we had had dinner in the night before (don’t judge, we really love pasta okay!) and then went to the Bulldog bar again.
We then partied the night away!

IMG_4140 IMG_4142

Lastly, I thought I’d add in these two photos from our last day.
We spent our last day walking around the shops, buying souvenirs and new clothes (why not?) soaking in the sun before we had to head back to the airport.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a photo collection of my trip to Amsterdam.
I really hope I can visit again soon, if not this year, then definitely next year.
You can read Day One here and Day Two here.

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Exploring Amsterdam | Day Two

Following up from my previous post, Exploring Amsterdam | Day One, I thought I’d share the photos from day two.

Unfortunately, even though it wasn’t particularly cold, day two was quite overcast so everything looks quite grey!

We began the day by getting on a canal cruise which luckily stopped right outside our hotel!

We decided to stay on the cruise for just over an hour, just looking at all the different landmarks and architecture of the city.

IMG_4210 IMG_4153 IMG_4227 IMG_4177 IMG_4259 IMG_4271 IMG_4279 IMG_4298 IMG_4249 IMG_4248 IMG_4212 IMG_4236 IMG_4232 IMG_4256 IMG_4209 IMG_4207 IMG_4165IMG_4240IMG_4303

As you can see, Kelsie was feeling very sorry for herself this day, thanks to alcohol!
This was partly the reason we didn’t too much this day, as she was absolutely, hanging out her butt!

When we finally got off the cruise we decided to just a wonder around the city taking pictures and looking in the shops.
It was quite a quiet day for us and after a while we went back and had a quick nap before heading out for the night.

IMG_4316 IMG_4326 IMG_4318 IMG_4322 IMG_4325

That’s it for Day Two of Amsterdam!
I’m going to do a separate post for our second night in the city so keep an eye out for that.

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Exploring Amsterdam | Day One

If you didn’t know, the weekend just gone, I visited Amsterdam with my niece – she’s 11 days older than me.
We flew out at 7am on Friday 1st April and flew back at 9pm on Sunday 3rd April.
We were only there for a short weekend but we couldn’t have enjoyed it more!
We do wish we’d stayed longer as there was so much we wanted to see and do but didn’t get the chance to.
I got a new camera just before we went so we took  a lot of pictures – which I thought I’d show you today!

IMG_4086 IMG_4089

This bridge was right by our hotel which you can just about see at the very end on the right hand side of this picture.
It was the Quentin Hotel Amsterdam, it was an okay hotel, it gave us somewhere to sleep which was all we really needed it for, however the ‘continental breakfast’ we payed for was merely a couple of pieces of toast and some cereal – so definitely don’t bother paying for breakfast.
It was in a really good location with a massive strip of bars just round the corner, as well as, lots of shops and restaurants – so in terms of night life, it was a great pick!
They were also really flexible with check in and check out times which was nice and they allowed you to leave your bags with them after you checked out and went to explore on your last day.

IMG_4058 IMG_4063

We were about a 10 minute walk from the Van Gogh museum, I AMsterdam sign and the Rijksmuseum.
Everything around Amsterdam is mostly walking distance anyway (unless, you’re like my niece and insist we get the tram everywhere!) so wherever you stay, you won’t be far from the top attractions.

IMG_4075 IMG_4091 IMG_4052 IMG_4037 IMG_4028 IMG_4042 IMG_4025 IMG_4047 IMG_4044 IMG_3966 IMG_3960 IMG_3955 IMG_3975 IMG_3947 IMG_3946 IMG_3932 IMG_3928 IMG_4020 IMG_4050 IMG_4049IMG_4016

We then visited the Sex Museum, because, everyone knows you can’t go to Amsterdam and not visit it!
There are actually 2 different sex museums in Amsterdam – we went to both.
Luckily myself and my niece are not prudes at all so we had a right laugh being in there, but I think, even if you are a bit of a prude, you definitely have to go there just for a laugh.

*Queue infamous Amsterdam picture on the giant willy*

IMG_4008 IMG_3990 IMG_3988 IMG_3909

After having a bit of a snooze back at the hotel – we were absolutely knackered after being up since 4 – we headed out to find somewhere to eat.
Kelsie and I are both pasta lovers, we could eat pasta 24/7 and not get sick of it, so we found this really cute little Italian restaurant and decided to eat in there.
We both opted for the Spaghetti Carbonara, which was so delicious, it’s making my mouth water at 7am while I write this.
As the evening was quite warm we sat outside and it was such a nice atmosphere.
It was calm where we were sat but we could see all the hustle and bustle of the night life just feet away from us.

IMG_3866 IMG_3869 IMG_3864image1 (2) IMG_3872image1 IMG_3863image1 (3)

After eating until we were too full to finish we left the restaurant and headed into the Bulldog bar that was just around the corner.
The Bulldog Bars are renowned for being the place to smoke weed in Amsterdam (which is of course legal over there), however, we went to main bar as we fancied some cocktails.
We ended up staying for more than a few drinks and had a brilliant night in there!


I hope you liked hearing about my recent trip to Amsterdam.
This was only day one, so make sure you keep an eye out, for day two and night two!

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