Museum Musings

If you read my outfit post last week, ‘OOTD: It’s All In The Details‘, you’d have seen that I mentioned that my best friend, Jenni and I, visited London for the day.
Our plan for the day was to do some shopping in Stratford Westfield (more like I forced Jenni to do that) then go into London and go to the British Museum.
After visiting the British Museum and it still being quite early in the day we also decided to visit another museum which was called the Hunterian Museum.
The Hunterian Museum is part of the Royal College of Surgeons and let me tell you now, it is not for the light hearted, I had to look away at some things!
I didn’t take photos in either museums as I find it somewhat disrespectful and feel like it ruins the feel of going to a museum and being surprised at what you see.
Instead I took photos other things to document my day and thought I’d share it with you!

IMG_3513 IMG_3529 IMG_3534 IMG_3539 IMG_3489 IMG_3525 IMG_3516 IMG_3526 IMG_3531 IMG_3561 IMG_3520 IMG_3524 IMG_3519 IMG_3514

I hope you enjoyed having a little look at my day!
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What’s In My Handbag | Mulberry Tessie Tote

Today I have a What’s In My Handbag post for you.
I love watching and reading ‘What In My Handbag’ videos and blogposts so thought it was only right that I posted one myself.
This is more of a what’s in my handbag that I use at the weekend post, rather than everyday, as I use a different hand bag when I go to work that contains different things, but that’s a post for another day!

The bag I use mostly at the weekends – unless I’m going somewhere where I’d rather my bag zipped closed – is the Mulberry Tessie Tote which my wonderful Mum bought me for my 18th Birthday last year, along with the matching purse.

IMG_3323 IMG_3325 IMG_3327

The bag is a tan colour and closes with a simple clasp at the top.
The purse is also a tan colour, although, slightly lighter as I use it everyday.
I love that my handbag is very understated as it goes with everything and isn’t too flashy or in your face. It can be worn both over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm.
Mulberry is an incredible brand and I absolutely love all their handbags and purses, I will eventually purchase myself another handbag, but for now, a girl can dream hey!


I would personally say I don’t carry around too much unnecessary crap in my bag as I like to keep it very organised and only bring the necessities.
I did miss a few things off when photographing this post.
The first being my car keys which of course when I’m out are always in my handbag.
The second is my earphones as you never know when you might need some earphones on you.
The last two things are my lip balm which I always have to have on me and hand cream! I cannot physically wash my hands without putting hand cream on straight after, it makes my skin crawl!


The first thing I have in my handbag is this pouch which I believe came as a freebie from M&S with different items inside it when my mum bought something.
It’s the perfect size to keep in my handbag and is great for transferring from bag to bag, containing all the essentials.
As you can see I have:
Witch Stick
Mini Perfume Sprayer (can’t think what it’s called at the moment)
Dry Shampoo
Earphone Splitter
Girly Things (Pads)
Compact Mirror
Cotton Buds in the black purse
Glasses & Glasses Case
Medicine in the black pouch


I then have other bits and bobs in my handbag.
The first is of course my Mulberry Continental Wallet which I couldn’t go anywhere without.
Second again of course, I have my phone which has this gold shimmery case on it, again, I couldn’t go anywhere without it.
Next I have my filofax which you may have seen in my What I Got For Christmas, I love having my filofax on me as it makes me feel organised haha, and just in case I need it for whatever reason.
To go along with my phone I have my wall charger and portable charger as you never know when you might need a little charge in your phone.
I then have a reusable bag which comes in handy now that they charge for bags. It’s also a pretty design so it’s nicer to carry around when shopping!
Last two things I have are a Tangle Teezer as my hair is always getting tangled and of course some chewing gum as who doesn’t want minty fresh breath? I do have a slight obsession with chewing gum…

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey at what I keep in my handbag!
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OOTD: It’s All In The Details

I’ve finally got round to shooting some outfit pictures!
Last weekend I went out for a lovely day in London with my best friend, which I’ll share more of in another post, but for now, the outfit…


I got this absolutely gorgeous coat for my 18th Birthday last year from my wonderful Mummy.
It’s by one of my favourite brands, the infamous, Ted Baker.
I’d say it’s a trench coat but with a slight twist as it’s a bit more fit and flare than a normal trench coat.
It also has the most gorgeous inside lining, which is silky, with a classic Ted Baker flowery print all over it.

IMG_3270 IMG_3290 IMG_3289

I paired this coat with my Russell & Bromley/Stuart Weitzman boots that I am mostly always wearing them since getting them for Christmas.
As well as my small khaki Longchamp bag which I always use for days in London,, as it’s a great size to carry around all day and has a zip closure, meaning I don’t have to worry about someone dipping into my bag without me noticing – which is actually the reason I don’t use my Mulberry handbag as it’s very open.

IMG_3271 IMG_3296 IMG_3286

Underneath the coat I had on a navy Zara turtle neck jumper which I love as it’s super slim fitting and has detailed buttoned sleeves.
I paired this jumper with my current favourite pair of jeans which are the Topshop Leigh jeans, in what I’d call, a ‘classic’ jean colour.
Finally, as it was a sunny day, I had a pair of sunglasses on, which believe it or not, are from Primark!
I think these sunglasses look super chic and so much higher quality than Primark.

IMG_3282 IMG_3272

Coat | Ted Baker
Turtleneck | Zara
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Russell & Bromley / Stuart Weitzman
Handbag | Longchamp
Sunglasses | Primark

I hope you enjoyed this Outfit Of The Day!
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Wednesday Wants | Week 4 | Disney Edition

Today I have another Wednesday Wants but this week I’m focusing only on Disney merchandise!
I’m seeing so many people I follow on Twitter at Disneyland Paris at the moment and it’s making me super sad, so I thought, the best way to drown my sorrows would be to scroll through all the Disney merchandise I would love!


Disney All Mad Here Fleece
The first thing I really like is this Vans x Disney ‘We’re All Mad Here’ Alice In Wonderland themed jumper. It’s got enough on it to not be plain but is also a simple enough design for the jumper not to be too in your face and actually a jumper I’d wear on a normal going out day.
I also love this quote from Alice In Wonderland as it always reminds me of my family because we are all mad! Alice In Wonderland has also always held a special place in my heart for obvious reason… *same name*

Mickey Mouse Classic Slip On Vans
I’ve wanted a pair of Disney Vans for so long now, ever since they came out! But have never managed to get myself round to buying a pair. I really love the Princess ones but couldn’t seem to find them in the classic slip on anywhere and they’re my preferred shoe. I also really liked the Alice In Wonderland slip ons but these Mickey Mouse ones narrowly beat them! I really like the colour of them as I feel like they’re a versatile colour that can be worn with quite a few different colours, and, of course they have my favourite mouse on them! 

Dalmatian Pyjama Set
If you didn’t know the three things I am obsessed with in life are: Disney, Dalmatians and Elephants!
I have been obsessed with Dalmatians ever since I can remember after watching 101 Dalmatians. Everything I had was Dalmatian themed and I always (and still do) wished to have a real one of my own one day!
I am so in love with this pyjama set, it’s dalmatian themed, it’s blue (my favourite colour) and it’s pyjama’s, another thing I have a slight obsession with – I only have three drawers full okay!
I genuinely really want these pyjamas so I might have to purchase them before Topshop stop selling them.

Mickey & Minnie Cosmetic Bag
I feel like you can never have enough cosmetic bags as you just never know when they’re going to come in handy!
I think this cosmetic bag is super cute and would be a lovely addition to the make up bags that I already have. You can’t beat a classic Mickey & Minnie design either.

Light Blue Mickey Mouse Crewneck
I love this jumper from Uniqlo a lot!
Again, it’s got my favourite mouse on it and my favourite colour – I’m drawn to anything in a shade of blue and feel like I must have it!
Again, I like this because it is simple, subtle Disney, meaning I could wear it on a regular day and not just when visiting the park or for lounging around in.
It also looks super cosy and comfy, something which would be perfect for the bitter weather we’re experiencing at the moment – classic Brit, talking about the weather aye!

Navy Mickey Hoodie
Another jumper from Uniqlo!
I love the Uniqlo Disney range, they just have so much of it, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen the range in a store, I’ve only ever seen it online…
Anyway, another thing I think you can’t have enough of is hoodies, you just never know when an occasion will call for a hoodie!
love this one, I actually really want to get it, as once again it’s simple subtle Disney that can be worn a normal day.
It also looks so comfy and warm!
Uniqlo, stop tempting me…

Mickey Mouse Character Bodysuit
Last one!
You’re probably thinking, but Alice, you don’t have children, why do you want a baby grow?
My answer is… because I do OK!
I am so in love with this little baby grow, it makes me want children just to be able to put it in it, haha!
(I’m joking boyfriend, don’t s**t yourself, yet…)
I already know that when I do eventually have children I will forever be dressing them in Disney themed clothing, I will make sure they are equally obsessed with Disney as I am, whether they like it or not, haha!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this week’s things that I am loving, Disney edition!
What are you crushing on this week?

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A Week in Instagram Photos #2

I’ve posted quite a bit on my Instagram the past week so thought it was only right I posted another ‘Week in Instagram Photos’.
You can find my Instagram here or search for me at @InTheEyeOfThis, if you’re not following me, which if not, why not?!


1 & 2. As you can see I had a bit of fun in River Island changing rooms, trying on lots of different outfits and clothes, which I all want now!

3. Throwing it back to last summer when I bought my first piece from Victoria’s Secret which I still love to this day – it’s so comfy.

4. I found this picture up in my dads office and just had to scan it to my phone – I love it!
My dad has always and will always be my best friend who I can forever be silly with.


5. Wearing my favourite Russel & Bromley boots, Longchamp bag and Sainbury’s scarf.

6. Of course I had to upload a mandatory selfie after a night out last Friday night for one of my best friends 20th birthdays.
My other friend done my make up that night and I was loving it!

7. Mmmm, still thinking about this delicious cheesecake I had on Sunday in Cafe Uno when we were out for a Mother’s Day meal.
Honeycomb cheesecake please come to me right now.

8. Another outfit picture featuring my favourite boots and bag once again, along with my favourite pair of jeans from Topshop paired with this lovely white shirt from River Island.


9. Another throwback to last year, but this time, my 18th birthday.
If you didn’t know, I celebrated my 18th birthday in my favourite place on Earth, Disneyland Paris of course!
We had lunch in the Disney Hotel and I was treated to this equally cute and tasty ice cream and meringue cake!

10. Keeping with the theme of throwing it back to my 18th Birthday in Disneyland Paris is another snap, this time of me, in front of the castle.
There’s something I really love about this photo so I just had to share another throwback.

11. Finally, we have this picture from my post that went up Wednesday, my February Favourites.
I quite like the snap and of course I had to direct my followers to my blog!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a round up of my recent Instagram posts.
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