January Favourites

Let’s start with the classic opening line, come on, let’s all say it together, one, two, three… ‘I can’t believe January is almost over!’.
But genuinely, I cannot believe it!
It does not feel like it has been over a month from Christmas but sadly it has!
Obviously as it’s the end of the month it’s time for me to hit you with a monthly favourites, which, I’m going to aim to do every month as I love reading them myself.

First things first (I’m the realest), is this absolutely gorgeous pair of boots, which you may have seen in my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post, as I received them from my amazing dad!
The boots are Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley and they are the best boots I have ever found.
Originally, asked for the just under the knee boots as when I first tried the two pairs on, I preferred the look of the under the knee. However when they were delivered and I tried them on I decided I wanted a bit more length to them so returned them and got the over the knee ones, and I couldn’t be happier!
These are the only pair of knee high boots that I have tried on that don’t look stupid on me. Every other pair I’ve tried on in the past year of hunting have never fit quite right around my calves, they’ve always been too baggy, however these just fit so perfectly and snug!
These are of course on the pricier side – which is why I asked for them for Christmas and didn’t purchase them myself – however, I would most definitely recommend them.
They come in a couple of different lengths and heel sizes so you really can find the perfect pair for you!


Moving onto something I actually bought myself this month is this Nike Tech Fleece jacket.
I keep going to call it a hoody but it’s not got a hood, it’s just got a high neck, which is actually really nice as you can wear it up and around your neck if your cold, or fold it down if you don’t feel like having it up.
I struggled to take a good picture of this so apologies, but it has a long zip on the front on the left hand side, two front pockets, thumb holes and a longer back.
I picked this up at Freeport, which is a designer outlet local to me, for £50. Although this is still expensive, it had been reduced down from over £100!
I love this jacket as it is actually quite versatile, you can wear it for the obvious, going to the gym, but you can also wear it out over a pair of jeans for a casual look. It is also very warm so makes for a great layering piece.
I would definitely recommend the Tech Fleece line at Nike, in fact, I’d like to purchase myself some workout pants from the line.

Onto another thing that was a Christmas present.
My lovely mum bought me this huge scarf from Accessorize as I’d been hinting to her for ages about how I wanted a nice big cosy scarf for the winter.
This one is a mixture of black, beige and white and it is so huge and cosy, I could use it as a blanket!
I’ve worn this almost everyday this month and it keeps me so warm.
I definitely need to find myself another big cosy scarf so I don’t wear this one out!


Oh, look, another thing that I got for Christmas from my wonderful mum!
I couldn’t not include my lovely Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams calendar.
I absolutely love it and I love his art, I’ve even got it as the back ground to literally every device I own, my Macbook, my work computer, my iPhone, my iPad, I just adore his art!
I can’t believe I haven’t had one of these calendars sooner, I will definitely be purchasing one of these every year for as long as is possible.
I love waking up in the morning and seeing the art hanging on my wall, it honestly, makes me feel so happy.


This next thing I did also include in my What I Got For Christmas post, but I actually bought it myself as a Christmas present to myself, haha, got to treat yourself sometimes!
This is honestly the most amazing thing for a blogger that I’ve ever come across.
It’s called The Bloggers Planner  and I got a 2016 edition.
The company is also called The Bloggers Planner and they do quite a big collection of different kinds of planners, notebooks and prints.
You can also get it personalised, which you can see I did here, which I think really just makes it all the more special!
It’s got a normal 2016 diary in it, with a week to a page, then it also has little blogger touches added in.
For example, there is a section at the end of every month where you write down all your favourites and things you’ve purchased, after each week in the diary, there is a section to write down the blog posts you’re going to post that week, as well as little illustrations to keep you motivated.
I would most definitely recommend this to all bloggers out there!

IMG_3176 IMG_3174

Last ‘physical’ thing I’ve been loving this month is this gold, glittery, iPhone 5s case.
My sister actually gave this to me as she recently got an upgrade and saw that I had no case on my phone and said that I had to get a case on it right away!
Funnily enough, I’d already been eyeing this case up in Sainsbury’s for a little while, so I’ve now managed to get it woo!


Now onto my favourite things that aren’t products!

First, my favourite day this year is actually three days!
The first would be Monday 11th as I booked my first ever girls holiday with my group of friends for the summer and I also booked Amsterdam for a weekend in April with my niece (she’s eleven days older than me), so it was a very exciting day!
Onto two more days that were very exciting, the 13th and 14th of this month, because two of my sisters had babies a day apart! So I now have two more nieces to add to my ever growing family – it’s huge!

My favourite thing to watch on the TV (well Netflix) this month has been both Sherlock and Luther.
My boyfriend told me I just had to watch Sherlock as it was amazing, so I did and he was not wrong, I couldn’t watch it quick enough! I’m now officially a huge Sherlock fan and I cannot wait for the new series to come out.
I would most definitely recommend watching Sherlock, even if you don’t feel like it’s your thing, which is what I thought before I watched it.

Then it was my turn to tell my boyfriend to watch something and that was Luther.
I watched the last episode of the first series with my sister at the beginning of the month and once I’d finished Sherlock, I told George we just had to watch Luther, as it was so good!
Again, we could not watch Luther quick enough, it’s so gripping and finishes on a cliffhanger most episodes so almost forces you to watch the next one, so many episodes had me on the edge of my seat, almost scared.
It’s about a slightly dirty DCI called Luther who solves crimes and often gets himself in and out of twists.
Unfortunately, we didn’t watch it soon enough to catch the most recent series on BBC iPlayer, so we have a long wait for it to get on Netflix.
Again, I would definitely recommend watching Luther.

Lastly, would be my favourite Youtuber of the month.
This month there are two ladies who distinctly stick out to me.
The first is Em Sheldon who I have followed on Instagram for a while but never really watched her videos until this month.
She comes across as such a lovely, down to earth girl, who I find really easy to watch and relate to. She speaks a lot about health and fitness, which as you know is something I’m very interested in, so I love watching those types of videos especially.
She also writes a blog if you’re interested in reading it, here.

The other lady is Carly Rowena, who again I followed on Instagram before I started watching her videos this month.
I honestly do not know how I didn’t watch her videos before!
She’s a really funny, real and relatable girl who I genuinely really enjoy watching.
Similarily to Em Sheldon, she is also into her health and fitness, as she’s a PT, so I love watching her and getting inspired and motivated to make myself a healthier and fitter person.
She also has a blog which you can find, here.

That’s it for my January favourites!
What have you been loving this month?

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Weekly Wants | Week 1

Yesterday I stumbled upon this post by Lou, who blogs over at Naturally Beige, and loved the idea of it so thought why not start doing it myself?

I often find myself trawling through different websites when I’m bored and adding to my ever-growing wish list of things I want to buy but probably shouldn’t…
I won’t do this every week – unless you want me to! – but here’s the first week!

UO Cape

Urban Outfitters Cape with Pockets
The first thing I spotted was this Urban Outfitters cape, which funnily enough, Lou also featured on her post, however I’m not copying I swear, I actually saw this out shopping on Saturday!
I’ve wanted a nice cape for ages now and this one is even better as it has pockets – who doesn’t love pockets?!
Hopefully I’ll pick this up at some point soon, but just like everyone at the moment, I’m saving my money.
RI Beach CropRiver Island Halter Neck Top in White & Black
Next was this absolutely gorgeous crochet halter neck top from River Island.
It’s available in white and black and I want both!
I’m going on holiday in the summer this year with my girl pals and this top would just be perfect for it.

RI bikini

River Island Bikini
Whilst on River Island I also saw this bikini which I thought was so lovely.
I love the colours of this bikini and again would be perfect for my holiday in the summer!
Minnie Mouse Mug


Minnie Mouse Mug with Glitter Bow
So obviously, by now, you must know about my obsession with Disney.
I saw this cute mug on Disneyfind’s Instagram and just had to go check it out on the Disney Store.
I love a mug and this looks like the perfect size mug for me, plus, the bow on the mug glitters, which I love!

Nike Trainers

Nike Free Tr 5 Flyknit Metallic Trainers
definitely, probably, maybe need these trainers… right?! 
No I don’t really need them but I still want them!
I have been on the lookout for a new pair of trainers recently but I know I don’t need them so I’m not going to jump to buy them. I do love these trainers though and perhaps if I still want them in a months time, I’ll get them.

New Look Boyfriend Coat

New Look Camel Boyfriend Coat
This was another one I spotted in store at the weekend.
Something I definitely don’t need is another coat but, again, that doesn’t stop me wanting it!
I’ve always loved the look of these coats on other people but never really thought it was the type of coat for me, but, when i tried it on at the weekend, I fell in love with it!
I really do want to get this soon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 18.16.56

Urban Outfitters Structured Tan Tote Bag
Last thing is this Urban Outfitters bag.
The thing that drew me to this bag, is the fact it has a middle zip compartment which is padded, meaning I can put my laptop and/or iPad in there.
I recently bought a bag like this from Zara, however it was much more structured, making it slightly difficult to fit things in the bag other than the laptop.
Whereas, although it say structured bag, it is a lot looser and roomier than my Zara bag.
I may consider selling the Zara bag and buying this one, we’ll see…

That’s today’s post!
I hope you enjoyed it as I really enjoyed writing it.
What have you been lusting after this month?

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My Daily Make-Up

Finally I’m hitting you with a beauty post!
Before we go any further we need to have a quick chat.
I am not a beauty professional.
The most adventurous thing I do is, when I go out for the night, I might put some eye-shadow on.
I am however, hoping to up get better at applying make-up and I really want to build up my collection.
This isn’t all the make-up I have, but for today I thought I’d show you my typical everyday make-up.

IMG_2984 IMG_3012

Generally, I have quite good, clear skin with the occasional spot here and there.
Right now as you can see, I’ve got a spot above my eyebrow and on my nose, I think this is because all the c**p I ate at Christmas is coming out when I’m going to the gym! I also have some dry, red skin under my eye and down my nose, it seems to be that this is where I mostly get dry skin and I’m not sure why!
The first thing I will always do is wash and moisturise my face – there is nothing worse than a dry face!
Then if I do have a spot or two I’ll apply some witch hazel. I swear by this stuff! It’s also important to apply a primer, especially if you want your make up to set, the one I’m currently using is the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Base.
IMG_3073 IMG_3074

It’s then time for foundation and the one I’m using at the moment is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation, which is a matte finish with a very buildable coverage, and, honestly lasts all day.
I apply this with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush then blend it in with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, hopefully soon though, I’ll be purchasing the Zoeva brushes as a little treat to myself.
I can’t quite decide if I like this foundation or not yet. I love the fact that it really does stay put the whole day but there are some things I’m not keen about it, but, I’ll save that for another day.


Whilst my foundation is setting I go on to my eyes and eyebrows.
Very simple here, all I do is swipe on some mascara, which is generally just whichever one I have at the time, at the moment it’s the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara, which I personally love for days when I’m going for a more natural look – most days.
I then do my eyebrows, which depends on how they’re looking at the time.
I to get my eyebrows waxed and dyed every 6-8 weeks, so if it’s straight after getting them done, all I need to do is go over them lightly with the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara to keep them in place.
However, if it’s like at the moment, where they badly need doing, I’ll fill them in with the Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil – which I hate doing! I just want low maintenance perfect brows all the time please – and then again go over them with the Brow Drama.

IMG_3096 IMG_3098

By this time my base has set and I can go onto my bronzer.
I have always used the same bronzer, the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder, which smells of chocolate – mmm delicious!
I’ll use this with the Real Techniques Retractable Bronzing Brush, applying it in a figure of three, around my forehead, down my cheekbones and along my jaw, just to give a more sculpted and structured look to my face. I’ll then take along each side of my nose.
I never use to wear bronzer until about a year to two years ago and I honestly do not know how! I wouldn’t be able to wear a face of make up without it now. 
IMG_3100 IMG_3116

After bronzer it’s time for blusher, which I apply just above the bronzer.
I am currently using the Sleek Creme to Powder Blush, applying it again, with a Real Techniques brush, the Blush Brush.
I really like this blusher as it can be very subtle if you apply it lightly, which you can see is what I done here as I was going for a very natural look this day, but, it is also buildable for a brighter colour. Also, if you accidentally apply a little too much, it’s very easy to blend out.


To finish it off I then apply some Benefit High Beam just above the blusher, under my brow bone and along the bridge of my nose. I apply it in little dots as it is like a nail varnish brush, then just pat it in until it looks well blended.
I honestly only started wearing highlighter last year and I love it! It makes your face look so lifted and peachy.


Lastly, I apply some lipgloss as I think wearing something on your lips really lifts your face and makes it seem brighter.
I definitely prefer lipgloss to lipstick as they’re such low maintenance, which if you couldn’t already tell is what I favor.
Normally in a pinky/redish tone.


That’s it for my daily make-up!
Like I said, it’s not adventurous at all and I actually only wear it at the weekend as I don’t often wear make-up to work in the week.
Hopefully I’ll improve in my make-up skills, especially with eyeshadow, then one day I can do a tutorial!

What sort of make-up do you wear everyday?

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Love/Hate Tag

Once again, the lovely Elizabeth tagged me to this, the Love/Hate Tag. I thought it was a nice way for you to get to know me a little bit more! You can read Elizabeth’s post here, it’s a gooden.


10 Things That I Love

  1. Well let’s just start with the obvious, Disney of course!
  2. My best friend and boyfriend George, as much as he sometimes irritates the crap out of me…
  3. Elephants. I think they’re such beautiful and majestic animals and if I could, I’d have my own Elephant named Nelly.
  4. Dalmatians. I have always loved Dalmatians since I first watched 101 Dalmatians when I was little. Everything I had was Dalmatian themed and my life will only be complete when I have one of my own.
  5. Chocolate. I’m trying to stay away from it but boy do I love chocolate! I’m definitely a chocolate over sweets kind of gal.
  6. Robert Pattinson. So a few years ago, I was ROBSESSED as we used to call it in the fandom, yep, the fandom! I had a dedicated Twitter to the wonderful man and a Tumblr! Whilst I’ve grown out of the obsessed stage, I still do love me a bit of R Pattz.
  7. Peter Pan. If you didn’t know, Peter Pan is my one of my favourite movies. I could recite the whole film.
  8. My family, of course. I have a large family, I’m one of nine and I have eleven nieces and nephews, and we’re all very tight night. I especially love (although I perhaps shouldn’t say this) my niece Kelsie, who is in fact 11 days older than me and has been my best friend since birth. I honestly do not know what I’d do without her.
  9. Mince Pies. Oh my goodness. I could honestly eat Mince Pies every single day and never get sick of them.
  10. Being happy. This is a given no?
10 Things That I Hate
  1. When my contact lenses irritate me all day.
  2. Lasagna. No just no. It’s wrong and disgusting.
  3. Rude people. How hard is it to have basic manners?!
  4. People who do not think mental illnesses are real. You really think I want to be having another panic attack?!
  5. People who think you can’t love and appreciate Disney past the age of 10. THERE’S NOT AN AGE LIMIT OKAY!
  6. Rarely being able to see my best friend since she moved away.
  7. Slow drivers.
  8. Slow walkers. Both of these infuriate me to no end.
  9. I can’t live in Disneyland Paris. Why can’t I?! please!!!
  10. Not knowing where my life is headed. It’s exciting but I also slightly hate it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
What are a few things you love and hate?
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What I Got For Christmas!

I know this is a little late but I still wanted to post my What I Got For Christmas.
Just as a disclaimer: I am not bragging in any way, I personally love seeing what others got for Christmas, and I know a lot of other people do too, so I thought I’d show you what I got and let you know my thoughts on the different things!

The first thing I got were these absolutely gorgeous pair of knee high boots from my dad. They’re by Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley. I’ve been searching for the right pair of knee high boots for well over a year now, I just never found a pair that fit right nicely on my calves, every pair I tried on were too loose. Until I tried on these and they were absolutely perfect.
They’re suede on the front and elastic on the back, they’re honestly the most gorgeous, comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever tried on and I am so unbelievably happy I can call them mine.


My mum then went a bit Disney mad with my presents – of course I’m not complaining!


I briefly mentioned to my mum how I wanted to build up my Disney classics DVD collection, due to the fact I’d now moved out of her house and she said that the many Disney DVDs belonged to her (she’s also is a bit of a Disney lover and DVD hoarder) but I didn’t expect her to buy me this many! Since taking this photo she also surprised me with three more, The Lion King (which she said she can’t believe she forgot to get in the first place!), Winnie The Pooh and Lilo & Stitch. They’re also all in the shiny covers which makes me so happy – it’s the little things.


The next thing I got that was Disney themed was the Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams 2016 calendar and ‘The Disney Book’.
The art is stunning in this calendar and I can’t believe I hadn’t got a Thomas Kinkade calendar sooner! I will definitely be getting one for the many years to come!
I’ve seen a few people on Twitter who also received this Disney book, it’s absolutely amazing, it has so much information in it about Disney and I cannot wait to properly read it!



This was one of the presents I asked my mum for which you might have seen in my Christmas Wishlist post.
It’s such a cute little cup! It’s got Minnie Mouse on one side, then ‘Alice is Sweet like Minnie’ on the other, which is why I loved it so much.

I also asked my mum for this 2016 Elephant diary, which again, you may have seen in my Christmas Wishlist. It’s a great size for my handbag, with it being A5 size, which means I can easily take it around with me wherever I go. It has a week to a page view, which is perfect for me, as I had a day to a page diary last year and found it too chunky.
Funnily enough, my best friend also got me this planner without realising that I wanted it!
Another thing I briefly mentioned to my mum was wanting a filofax, as you know, that’s something all organised adults have, right?! She found me this lovely filofax which is in a very light pinky/beige colour with a magnetic closure and ‘Happy Days’ written on the front of it. I think this filofax looks very neat and I’m happy to be able to keep it for years to come and keep refilling it each year.
Onto another planner… This was actually a present to myself but I thought I’d include it anyway.
This is the Blogger Planner another thing I spoke about in my Christmas Wishlist.
I absolutely love it! It is basically another year diary with blogging bits added in. There’s a section each week for blogposts, where you can write your ideas, when you’re going to post it, how far you’ve got with it, etc. At the end of each month there’s two pages for you to write down everything you’ve bought that month and your favourites of the month. As well as many more cute little details. One of the things I love about this planner is the fact it says my blog name on it!
Lastly in terms of stationary is this little Fisher Space Pen.
My boyfriend got one of these nifty little pens a few weeks before Christmas and I really liked it so asked if he could get me one too and he did!
It’s not just any pen, it’s a pen that was specifically designed to go to space, with the ability to write at any angle, even in zero gravity! That’s quite impressive, no?!


 My boyfriend also got me this gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger plimsoles.
I spotted them when we were out shopping a few weeks before Christmas, I was instantly drawn to them because they’re so sparkly, much more than they appear to be in this photo. My boyfriend was kind enough to buy me them and I cannot wait to wear them! I’m a little scared to get them dirty at the moment.
I was then told by my boyfriend that he had got me a surprise!
I was racking my brains for what it might be and I could not for the life of me think what it might be.
Any guesses what it was? Justin Bieber Tickets!
I was never originally a JB fan, until his new album came out and I listened to it on repeat maybe once or twice, by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times, get it? Haha!
My boyfriend picked up on this and surprised me with the tickets and I cannot wait to see JB in October!

My best friend then got me a candle with the letter ‘A’ on it which smells delicious! As well as a funny mug which said ‘I’m one fart away from a poo’ which I thought was so funny, and a very comfy pair of slippers!

Then my boyfriends family got me the cutest pair of pyjamas! They were Minnie Mouse ones from the Disney store which had my name on them!! With a matching pair of Minnie Mouse slipper boots, I was honestly so happy!
Lastly, I got different gift cards and chocolates from various family members.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for Christmas, I know I love seeing what others got for Christmas!
What was your favourite thing you got for Christmas?
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