Disney For My 18th Birthday

I recently went through my MacBook to get all the pictures off it as it isn’t performing great and I am considering getting rid of it and whilst doing so I stumbled upon the pictures from my 18th birthday, back in April, which I spent in Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend.
I have so many photos but I decided to select a few of the better quality ones and share them with you, as I know a lot of you are also Disney fans, and who doesn’t want to see pictures of Disneyland Paris?
Disclaimer – some of these were taken by my boyfriend and some by myself (generally the better ones were taken by him).

I visited Disneyland from Friday 10th April (my birthday) to Monday 13th April.
I met my family there on the Friday as they had been there from the Monday to Friday and we all had lunch together in Inventions which was lovely! Then my boyfriend and I spent the rest of the weekend having fun in the parks!

IMG_1969-minPM IMG_1982-minPM IMG_1985-minPM IMG_1966-minPM IMG_1865 IMG_9159 IMG_2106-minPM IMG_2100-minPM IMG_2133-minOM IMG_2094-minPM2 IMG_2140-minPM IMG_2011-minPM IMG_2013-minPM IMG_2050-minPM IMG_2061-minPM

I hope you enjoyed this little flash back Friday!
I just wanted to share the magic of Disney with you!
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Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas!
Right now as I’m typing this, I’m sat listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas Album – you know the one, don’t tell me you don’t – and yes, I am aware it’s only the middle of November… so?!
Anyway, I thought I’d put together a Christmas Gift Guide for the females in your life (really this is basically my Christmas wish list but hey ho!) as I done this last year and I loved it.
I’m also planning on posting Christmas Gift Guide’s for him, youngsters and possibly stocking fillers, so keep an eye out for those!
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Brownie in a Mug Jar DIY:-
The first thing I chose was this cute idea of a Brownie in a Mug Jar DIY. We all know about the Brownie in a Mug obsession and when I found this I thought it was a brilliant idea. I always think DIY’s are such a cute idea as it’s a way of giving a present that’s relatively cheap but has a lot of thought and meaning in it. With this you just put the dry ingredients you need for a Brownie in a Mug, into a jar and make a cute card which explains how to make it and tie it to the mug with some Christmassy looking ribbon.
2016 Diary £10:-
I feel like a year diary is something that everyone should have in their lives especially if they’re looking to be a bit more organised with their life. This beautiful A5 diary from Paperchase has a week to a page view meaning there is a small amount of room to scribble down your day-to-day on goings. Paperchase also do lots of other 2016 diaries in various designs, sizes and prices, and you can also choose between having either a day to a page view or a week to a page view – whatever best suits the female in your life!
 Supersoft Check Topshop Scarf £22:-
I feel like a scarf is a present that you can get for nearly everyone and it will be appreciated. With Christmas comes Winter and colder weather so a scarf definitely won’t go amiss.
Asos Christmas Jumper £28: 
What better to get someone for Christmas than a Christmas Jumper? I love that this jumper is quite a subtle Christmas jumper with just the fairisle pattern on it meaning you could get away with wearing it on a normal day, not just Christmas! However, if you really want to go all out and buy someone a Christmas jumper with flashing lights and jiggling bells, I’d recommend going to Primark as they always do the best Christmas jumpers! 
Christmas PJs Boux Avenue £28:-

I am absolutely obsessed with pyjama’s, no really I am, I have three big drawers full, yes three! you did read that right. I just cannot get enough of pyjama’s, they’re something you wear everyday and it’s definitely the best thing getting into your pyjama’s after a long day, especially in the Christmas/Winter season. Put Christmas and pyjama’s together and voila you have a perfect combination which makes for a great Christmas present for any female in your life. My auntie buys me pj’s every Christmas and honestly, it’s one of my favourite things!
Pump Up The Party Make Up Set £29.50:-

I feel like this would make a great gift for various females. Whether it’s for your girlfriend who is obsessed with make-up, your daughter who is just dipping her toe into the world of make-up or your best friend who is always on the move! The gift set with quite a few samples of various Benefit products, which means for the one who’s just getting into make-up can try out different products to see what they may like or not like to wear all the time, it also means they can have quite a few products to begin with. It’s also great as it means that you have all your essentials in one place, which makes it easy to chuck in your bag and, knowing you have all the make-up you need on you.
Lush Gift Set £39.95:-
Who doesn’t love a bit of Lush? I think almost every girl loves to pamper themselves to an extent and Lush products are great for helping you do just that. The gift sets are especially great as they come with a variety of bath bombs and soaps meaning the girl in your life can have many luxurious baths!
Onesie Boux Avenue £40:
There’s not much I can say about this onesie that will be different to what I said about pj’s, I just love onesies as well and think they’re perfect for snuggling up in. Especially this one which looks so soft and fluffy!
VS Dressing Gown £40.23:
So you know how I said that I’m obsessed with pjs (yes three drawers full) well I think it’s fair to say I’m also a little bit obsessed with dressing gowns as I own… prepare yourselves… TEN dressing gowns… perhaps I’m more than just a little obsessed. Don’t even get me started on how much I love Victoria’s Secret. Unfortunately I only have 1 thing from there but I sit and stare at the clothes on the website all the time! I will be buying more stuff from there in time believe me! Anyway, enough about how much I love this and that, I think a dressing gown is also a great present for any female as they are just so nice to again, cosy up in, either in the morning doing your hair and make-up or in the evening when you’re sitting watching TV.
YSL Black opium Gift Set £44.50:
I personally think that a perfume gift set is a great Christmas present (not necessarily this specific perfume, but whichever perfume the lady you’re buying for likes) as it doesn’t just come with a bottle of perfume, but also either a body lotion or body wash, or sometimes both. This means leaves you smelling extra lovely all day! Just make sure you sneakily find out what perfume or scent the female you’re buying for likes!
Tiffany Bracelet £120:-
Getting onto the pricier presents with this lovely Tiffany Bracelet. With this idea I mean any jewellery is a good present, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or ring. A piece of jewellery can really mean a lot, and I feel like it does especially to a female. The lovely thing about Tiffany jewellery is that first of all, that most of their pieces can be personalised and the fact it is so timeless, making for a lovely present that will last a life time.
Thomas Sabo Watch £215
Again, I feel like a watch is a good present for a female of any age and depending where you get the watch from, is likely to be a piece that lasts a life time. I love the simplicity of this watch from Thomas Sabo watch with the silver strap and black face.
Mulberry Tree Leather Zip Around Purse £275:-

Mulberry is a brand that I absolutely love. I think their pieces are timeless, brilliant quality and I like the fact there are not many copies on the market. With this idea, I don’t think you specifically should get a Mulberry purse for the female in your life, but any nice, good quality purse would be a good Christmas present. A purse is something we use every day so buying one that is really good quality means it’s going to last a good amount of time, and is quite a thoughtful gift too.
Mulberry Bayswater Handbag £1,500
Once again, I love Mulberry as a brand and I am lusting after this handbag since getting my own Mulberry handbag for my 18th birthday this year. Again, I mean this as a general present, in that any nice quality, good looking handbag would be a great Christmas present for the lady in your life.
Experience Day
The last thing in my ‘Christmas Gift Guide: For Her’ would be an experience day. Whether that’s to the spa, for a hot balloon ride, afternoon tea, etc. the list goes on. There are so many great experience days out there that you can purchase, and I think they’re a great idea as they allow the lady in your life to do something that she perhaps, wouldn’t do normally.

That’s it for my Christmas Gift Guide: For Her.
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What I Eat in a Day!

Today I thought I’d do a ‘What I Eat in a Day’ post.
I love seeing other bloggers post what they eat in a day, and thought you might enjoy seeing what I eat!
Nearly every day Monday to Friday, I have porridge for breakfast.
Most days I’ll have porridge with a flaxseed mix (Linwoods), honey, raisins and banana, although some days I like to mix it up a bit by putting some cocoa powder in there and having some yummy chocolate porridge!
I use Flahavans Organic Irish Porridge Oats, taking 1/4 cup of oats and mixing it with 3/4 cups of liquid – either milk or water, it really depends how I am feeling that day – I then whack it in the microwave for 1 and a half minutes and voila, there’s my porridge done.
This always leaves me feeling super full until lunch time. I also make sure to wash it down with a cup of green tea in my favourite Eeyore cup.
lunchLunch for me varies, sometimes I’ll have a wrap or a salad, or what I have right here.
This is one of my favourite lunches, toasted pitta bread slices (only until it’s warm, not crispy!), cucumber, pepper and carrot sticks with organic hummus.
This actually leaves me feeling very full and it’s so easy to whip up quickly the evening before.
Again, I make sure to wash it down with a cup of green tea, I normally have about 5 – 6 cups of tea throughout the day.
After lunch I’ll normally have a snack or two, which most days is a banana and an apple, occasionally some nuts which I always have in my bag just in case!
D inner varies a lot for me, I’ve been trying to get more protein in my diet, so have been trying to include some type of meat in my diet – my favourites are a chicken or turkey breast, or beef mince.
Some meals I often choose to make are, chili con carne and rice, pasta with a tomato sauce or pasta bake or a chicken or turkey breast with various vegetables.
Here I had a stir fry which is one of my favourites as it takes next to no time to prepare!
This stir fry was made up of cooked chicken breast, squash, broccoli, spinach, runner beans and egg noodles, with a ‘Chinese Stir Fry Sauce’ by Tesco. I also had a glass of Innocent smoothie to go with it – not the healthiest as it’s full of sugar I know, but I really fancied it.
I then tend to make another green tea after dinner to take to bed with me.
I also drink around 2 liters of water a day – I just love water honestly.

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in an average day, I’m hoping to do more of these in the future.
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The Sweater Weather Tag

Good Afternoon!
Today I did plan to post an October Favourites, but thanks to the fact I work long days and it gets dark before I get home, I haven’t been able to get any shots, so for that I am sorry.
I know I have done a few non-fashion posts recently, but I am going to dedicate Sunday to taking pictures for here, now that I can seeing as I don’t work Sunday’s, yippee!
I saw I had been tagged in this ‘Sweater Weather Tag’, by of course the lovely Elizabeth, who’s blog you can find here.

What’s your favourite candle scent?
I love traditional Vanilla scents, as well as ‘Black Cherry’ and other berry smelling scents! Apart from Strawberry, no thank you!

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
I rarely drink coffee, unless I really need a pick me up, the same as hot chocolate. And I only drink Green Tea, I hate the taste of traditional tea.

What’s your best fragrance for Autumn?
I’m not one to switch up my fragrances based on the time of year, I just wear whatever perfume I have.
At the moment I change between CK Eternity Aqua, CK Eternity Summer and Paco Robanne Lady Million.

What’s your favourite Thanksgiving food?
I live in England so I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Although when the weather gets warmer, I can’t resist chocolate.

What’s your most worn sweater?
I don’t really have a most worn jumper, I have so many that I just wear them on rotation.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
I’d have to say jumping in leaf piles! I don’t particularly like watching football.

What’s your favourite type of pie?
I can’t really say I’m a fan of pie I’m afraid.

What is Autumn weather like where you live?
I live in England and Autumn is my second favourite season (narrowly beaten by Spring).
Most days the weather is quite chilly and rainy, which although makes for a horrible day to go out walking in, it makes a great day to snuggle and watch films.

Which make-up trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged liner?
Dark lips, simply because I cannot, for the life of me do eyeliner, let alone winged eyeliner!

What song really gets you into the Autumn spirit?
I can’t say there is really a song that get’s me into the Autumn spirit…

Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?
I’ve tried it and I much prefer cinnamon! But it’s a personal preference I guess.

What’s your favourite Autumn TV Show?
Again, there isn’t a TV show I particularly watch just in Autumn so I couldn’t say I have a favourite. But I am a sucker for anything reality tv, don’t judge me…

Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
Skinny jeans all the way! I wear skinny jeans nearly every single day of the week! I do however love a good pair of thick leggings.

Combat Boots or Uggs?
I think I’d have to say combat boots, although Uggs are so comfy and warm

Halloween – Yay or Nay?
I do like Halloween, I went out clubbing this Halloween, but I can’t say I’d be particularly bothered if it didn’t exist. Christmas on the other hand…

Autumn Mornings or Evenings?
I leave my house at 5.45 in the morning and I can tell you it isn’t nice leaving for work when it is still pitch black outside, however, there is something special about the crispness of an Autumn Morning and watching the sunrise, the sky is always such a lovely colour when the sun is rising in Autumn.
However, I honestly don’t think you can beat a cosy evening indoors when it’s Autumn.

What do you think about Black Friday?
I’ve never taken part in Black Friday as it has only just become a ‘thing’ in the UK, and it still isn’t as mad as it is in America.
I love the idea of it, getting all your Christmas presents for a barginous price, I mean who wouldn’t want to?
However, I have seen videos and pictures of how manic some places are in America, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be involved in that!

One Autumn 2015 trend you love?
I’ve had a real love for everything tan/camel/beige, as well as turtle necks (which I’ve loved my whole life) and capes, I’m still yet to find myself the perfect cape!

That’s it for the Sweater Weather Tag.
Thank you to Elizabeth for tagging me to do it, I do love a good tag!
If you do this tag, make sure you let me know as I’d love to see everyone else’s answers.
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