A Week In Instagram Photos

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram (which you most definitely should!) then you won’t have seen these photos I have posted.
Today I thought I would do a little round up and explanation of the photos I’ve posted over the past week.


‘#FBF to the most wonderful place on Earth ❤️??’
So I thought I’d post a little Flashback Friday from when I went to Disneyland Paris for my 18th Birthday.
I’m always thinking about Disney and about being there, so thought why not post a picture of my favourite castle!


‘Wearing my new @topshop boots! Ps. I promise my feet aren’t that big ?’
Last week I ordered myself some lovely tan boots from Topshop and as soon as they came I fell in love with them!
So I thought I’d post this autumnal snap to showcase my new babies.

‘Need to buy myself this outfit ASAP ??? PS. Top shop changing rooms have the WORST lighting ?’
A couple of weekends ago I went shopping with my niece and tried on this outfit in Topshop which I absolutely adore!
Unfortunately I didn’t buy the items on the day, but I think I will definitely be picking it up as soon as possible.


Wise words from Walt Disney himself never go amiss!
I like to post a little pick me up quote every now and then and I felt like this one was relevant to me when I posted it.
IMG_1791‘Yesterday’s Lunch.’
Lastly, I posted this snap of my lunch from yesterday (Thursday).
I had a tuna, sweetcorn, salad cream and spinach seeded wrap which was very yummy with a green tea on the side.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll probably do some more similar posts in the future!
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Get To Know Me Tag!

Afternoon! Today I thought I’d do the Get To Know Me tag as it’s a great way for you to find out more about me!
As usual I found this tag on Elizabeth’s so make sure you go see her answers!

1. What is your middle name?
Rebecca. Fun fact: I STILL forget sometimes whether it’s two B’s or two C’s woops!

2. What was your favourite subject in high school?
Probably History as I loved my teacher and got on so well with him that there was never a dull moment in the lesson!

3. What is your favourite drink?
Ready for a boring answer?… Water.. Yep I know, but I genuinely love it! I also love Green Tea, I have a least 5 cups a day.

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?
I love Ellie Goulding and anything she releases, with her most recent single being ‘On My Mind’, also I’m loving a bit of Drake at the moment.

5. What would you (or have you) name your children?
I like the names Alfie, Oliver and Teddy for a boy then Francesca, Alexis and India for a girl… not that I’ve really thought about it haha.

6. Have you participated in any sports?
I used to play various sports, such as football, hockey, netball and athletics, however now I just go to the gym.

7. What is your favourite book?
I loved The Hunger Game series, I cried when I finished them because I became so attached to them.

8. What is your favourite colour?

9. What is your favourite animal?
Elephants and dogs.

10. What is your favourite perfume?
I have a couple of favourites, Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, Calvin Klein Shock and Paco Robanne Lady Million.

11. What is your favourite holiday? 
Christmas without a doubt!

12. On a scale from 1 – 10, rate your childhood. 
Well I had a pretty good childhood, but nothing is ever perfect so I’d give it a strong 8.

13. Have you been out of the country?
Yes, I’ve been to France and Jersey more times than I can recall, Barcelona, Portugal, Belgium and Lapland – where I met the real Father Christmas!

14. Do you speak any different languages?
Embarrassingly not! I’d love to learn French, Spanish and German.

15. Do you have any siblings?
Yep! I’m one of 9! With the oldest being 39 and the youngest being 12.

16. What is your favourite store?
Well of course the Disney Store, but also River Island is my go to store for clothes currently. Also I love a bit of VS Pink but have only ever bought one thing from there.

17. What is your favourite restaurant?
This is a hard one! There is the loveliest Chinese restaurant by my house that I’ve been going to for years which I love, although I am a sucker for a Nando’s, my boyfriend and I always go there.

18. Did you like school?
I loved school up until Year 11, then I hated it.

19. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?
The SacconeJolys, MegSays, Ellie Steadman and sunbeamsjess, especially her vlogs.

20. What is your favourite film?
Oh god I have loads! Just to name a few:
Many Disney films of course, such as Peter Pan, Frozen, Beauty and The Beast, as well as, Peter Pan (real life one), She’s The Man, White Chicks, The Proposal, Water For Elephants and The Holiday.

21. What are some of your favourite TV shows?
Sadly I have to admit that I love reality tv shows, especially Geordie Shore! I was also obsessed with Jane The Virgin when it was on TV and I cannot wait for it to be back on.

22. PC or Mac?
Mac. Although the bloody thing has broken on me after 5 years.

23. What phone do you have?
iPhone 5s in Gold.

24. How tall are you?
Just under 5’5, although for ease I just say 5’5.

25. Do you have any pets?
Unfortunately not at the moment but I have had horses and dogs in the past.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me!
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Coat Season: Zara Special


So it appears that this past week it has officially changed to Autumn/Winter – perhaps more Winter looking at the grey sky and chilly air!
This has led me to thinking about which coat I would like for the colder months.
There are so many to choose from and I haven’t quite decided which coat will be the ‘one’ for me this year!
However, I have had a little browse on Zara – everyone knows they nearly always hit the nail on the head with their outerwear collection for A/W – and have compiled a list of a few coats I am considering getting.
anarak detahcable hood

The first coat that caught my eye was this beige anorak with a detachable hood. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I’m loving anything beige/tan coloured at the moment and I loved this as soon as I saw it. I think it would be perfect for the chilly days as it looks like it is quite thick and the fluffy hood is sure to keep you toasty! The colour also means it will go with almost anything making it a great jacket to throw on if you have nothing else.short cape black

I then saw this short black cape. I love the look of this as it is so chic and is the type of jacket that would just really pull an outfit together.
Of course this wouldn’t be too good for those really bitter winter days but it would look lovely on those days where it’s just a little bit warmer.
I could also see a lovely outfit with this being worn over a crisp white shirt, with a pair of black jeans and black knee high boots (once I finally get myself a pair)!
handmade waistcoat beiege

I know, I know, am I really putting a waistcoat in this list? Yes I am! I know that this beige waistcoat will obviously not be very warm again on those bitterly cold days, however, I just love the look of these waistcoats. I already have one in black from Topshop and I will definitely be buying myself some more in various colours.
I just love how putting on of these on can really pull an outfit together.
Plus everyone knows that layers are the best thing about Autumn/Winter!
feather anorakThis black feather anorak is almost identical to the coat I bought from Zara last year. This one is just slightly shorter and without a belt round the middle. I picked this because I do think these slightly puffy jackets are great for the Autumn/Winter as they really do keep you so warm! I never feel cold when I’m in my last years Zara coat.
You also can’t go wrong with black, especially at this time of the year.

wtaerproof trench

As soon as I saw this trench coat I loved it, then I saw that it was waterproof and fell in love even more!
I already have a gorgeous trench coat from Ted Baker, however it is not waterproof and as we all know, especially at this time of year, it tends to rain a lot in Britain.
Therefore the idea of a waterproof trench coat really impresses me.
I think if I didn’t already have my lovely Ted Baker trench I would buy this in a heartbeat… A girl can still wish though right?
hooded cape navy

The last coat I spotted was this navy hooded cape
I like that this is thicker than the cape above as well as the fact it has a hood as it gives you that little bit extra warmth when wearing it!
I’ve been wanting a cape for ages now, in fact since last year, but never really found the right one for me. However I love this cape, and when I next pop into Zara, I will definitely try it on!

That is all for my Zara Coat Wishlist.
I’m sure there will be many coats from different brands that I will be crushing on but I thought I’d choose Zara for today as they always do coats just right!
What coat are you looking to buy for the autumn/winter?

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Disney Store Wish List

Today I have taken a lot of inspiration from Elizabeth who’s blog I love and twitter I may occasionally stalk – in a good way of course!
She regularly posts different Disney Wish Lists and I loved seeing what she put in them, so thought, why not do my own?
I have decided to only feature products from the Disney Store, however in the future I will definitely do more Disney wish lists from a variety of shops.

So… You may notice I love mugs, let’s just get it out in the open! Yes, I love mugs, I drink lots and lots of green tea so I need a sufficient mug to drink it from… So yes there may be three mugs in this wishlist… Don’t judge me!

alice in wonderland mug

So let’s begin with a mug then! I love this Alice In Wonderland Mug.
It’s blue which is my favourite colour, it’s Alice In Wonderland themed (I’ve always had a thing for Alice In Wonderland, yes because of the matching names) AND it’s a huge mug!
There is nothing better than snuggling up to watch the TV with a nice big mug of your favourite hot drink!
minnie dressing gown

Okay, I may also have another obsession, dressing gowns! I own over 10 dressing gowns!
They’re just the comfiest things and as soon as Autumn hits I am instantly in one of them.
I absolutely adore this Minnie Mouse Dressing Gown, with the cute ears on the hood, the different Minnie Mouse details over it and the fact that it just looks so soft.
I think I may actually put this on my Christmas List (mum I hope you’re reading this!) and I can guarantee if I got this you would not be able to get me out of it.

minnie personalised mug So I have already asked my mum if she will get me this Minnie Mouse Mug for Christmas.
It’s another mug, yes, but it’s not just any mug! You can get it personalised which I absolutely l
Iove the idea of.I

princess snow globe

Isn’t this Princess Snow Globe just gorgeous?
I love how pretty it is and think it would look so lovely on a shelf in my bedroom.
As well as the fact it plays music, meaning I can dance around to lovely Princess music!minnie phone case
I actually need a new phone case for my iPhone, and I love this Minnie Mouse Phone Case.
I already have a couple of Disney case for my iPhone, but I also love this one.
I especially like the fact that the bow sticks out which makes it 3D, as well as it being holographic, meaning Minnie Mouse gives you a little wink when you move it!

minnie china muyg Last mug of the wishlist! Another Minnie Mouse Mug.
I love that the detail of this mug, I think it is so pretty and it is different to the normal Minnie Mouse merchandise.
It is also an especially large mug (which I really do love Disney for), so again it’s the perfect mug for having a cuppa in! mickey and minnie mouse slippers

The last thing on my Disney Store wish list is this cute pair of Minnie and Mickey Mouse Slippers.
Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of slippers for the winter? Especially if they’re Disney themed! These ones looks so cosy too!

That’s it for my Disney Store Wish List!
I’m going to start featuring more Disney Themed posts on my blog, because I really do love it!
If you’d like to see my Disney Land Paris Tag, you can find it here.

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How To Stay Healthy In An Office Job

Today I thought I’d write a post about how to stay healthy when you’re working in an office job.
I myself work in an office and I know it can be hard to eat well if you don’t prepare properly.
Just a quick disclaimer, I am in no way claiming to be a fitness and eating expert, these are simply some things I’ve learned whilst working, which I thought I’d put out there for you to read.

The first thing I will say is that preparation is key!
Get into the habit of making your lunch the night before. This will stop you from being tempted to buy food from a shop on your lunch break which is more than likely going to be something you can grab and go, which isn’t always the healthiest thing you can eat.

The next thing is to try not to have a snack drawer.
Whilst it is tempting to have a drawer full of goodies for when you get a little peckish, if you don’t have one, you’ll be removing the temptation and benefit overall.
However, it is important to have some form of snacks for the day.
Instead of gravitating towards chocolate, biscuits and sweets, try to go for some healthier options.
My favourite go to snacks are nuts, dried fruits (although be careful of the sugar in these), fresh fruit and vegetable sticks and hummus.

Eat Breakfast!
This one is a biggie! I cannot stress enough the importance of eating a filling breakfast.
Breakfast is the first meal of the day and ultimately the most important, which I’m sure you’ve heard many times but it still rings true.
A good breakfast will set you up for the day, giving you lots of energy and keeping you full for a good amount of time.
If you don’t have time to eat breakfast before you leave the house then make sure you have some when you get to work.
Everyday I make myself porridge in the office and eat it at my desk, and I can tell you now, the odd days that I don’t have breakfast really take their toll on me. I feel like I have no energy which really distracts me when at work.
So make sure you eat breakfast!

Another thing I’ll say is try to make sure you’re not sitting down ALL day.
I know this is hard if you have a lot of work to do which involves you sitting at your desk, however try to take little breaks and go for a walk.
Whether this is just to the toilet or to make yourself a drink, I just think it is really important not to be sat down all day.

The last thing I’ll say is to make sure you make time for exercise!
This is a no-brainer, everyone should make time for exercise whether they work in a office or not.
As well as the obvious health benefits of exercising, it is a great stress relief, so going to the gym or a run or a cycle will be great for destressing you after a stressful day in the office.
No one is too busy to exercise, so make time, you’ll feel better for it!

That’s it for today’s post.
Like I said, I am not claiming to be an expert on fitness or eating, I just thought I’d share some tips that I’ve learnt along the way, you by no means have to listen to what I’ve said!

If you have any requests for posts, make sure you leave them below!
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