Wish Wish Wishing!!

I am alllllways wishing for some new clothes or shoes or bags (so materialistic I know – not really I’m being light hearted plssss) and today is no exception!! I’ve been forcing myself to be a bit more restrained when it comes to shopping because WOW did I spend a lot off dollar over the summer! Sad thing is I’m usually SO good at saving but this summer I was just feeling suuuper spendy, woops!! Spending or saving aside, a girl can still dream right??? Obviously as it is slowly changing weather it is now acceptable to start thinking about… View Post

See Ya Later Summer…

The last bank holiday of the summer has been and gone now, sad sad times!! To say goodbye to the summer (even though it seems like the summer is only just beginning with the weather we’re having!!) I went away to Winchester (ish) with my boyfriend and his family. We stayed in a lovely little lodge in Blackwood Forest where we could go for little walks and cycles and just spend some time relaxing away from our worries for the weekend!! Whilst we were there we visited Bournemouth and also tackled Go Ape – corr my arms were aching the… View Post

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Remember me?! It’s been a little (okay a long!) while since I’ve blogged! I’m not going to start listing off bullsh*t excuses because the truth is I just didn’t feel like it and so I didn’t – that’s it! However, I am now back and in the mood ready to blog again – woohoooo. Today I just thought I’d say heeeeyyy and give you a little life update! Not a lot has really happened to be honest! I was a bridesmaid for my sister in the middle of July – I absolutely looooved my dress, which you can see below… View Post

Birthday Surprise | The Crazy Bear Hotel

You might remember in my ‘What I Got For My 19th Birthday‘ post that I mentioned my boyfriend was taking me away somewhere in May as a surprise. Well that place was the Crazy Bear Hotel in Beaconsfield and it was absolutely amazing. So a big round of applause for my gorgeous boyfriend. The Crazy Bear GroupĀ is a hotel chain with three hotels around the country, one in Beaconsfield, one in Stadhampton and one in Fitrovia. They’re known for having eccentric and out there hotels which are different to your normal everyday hotel. Today I thought I’d share a few… View Post

Making a Statement with Understated Jewellery | Gemporia*

Today’s post is a little different as it is about jewellery. I don’t tend to post about jewellery because I wear the same three pieces everyday, my watch, necklace and bracelet. When Sam from Gemporia first contacted me about a collaboration on my blog with themselves I had a look at their website and couldn’t help but say yes straight away! They have the most beautiful pieces on their website, all in a range or styles and prices, so there is something for everyone. Sam told me I could pick out a piece from their collection and this Aqua pendant… View Post